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Wookie went upstairs!

A headless chicken morning. I had to rush down to PJ for several errands but to make matters worse, I had to go and get my tyre mended. After the workshop, I had to 'go'. So I rushed home. Wookie, as usual, greeted me with his zany 'bite my trousers, chew my toes, hang on to my legs" antics. It's actually, "how much I love you and miss you demonstration", even though I had left only about half an hour ago.

I did not have much time to return affection, rushed upstairs to the loo. Then I heard him whine. Poor thing. I made up my mind to give him a few minutes before I had to rush to PJ. When I got out, I saw him sitting 5 stairs short of the top! He has NEVER ventured so far before. Scold, scold, scold "you are not supposed to come up here.........blah blah" Then I walked down the stairs, urging him to come along. That was when I saw that petrified look on him (wished I had taken a picture) 'ok,this mutt needs to be rescued', thought to myself

I proceeded to carry him. He tried to dig his claws into the stair, kept his tummy tightly glued on it and he was shaking! My goodness, my baby has vertigo???!!! He must have climbed up, a step at the time and suddenly realised, "Oh no! Why am I so high up?!" It was really funny.

I would have thought he has learnt a lesson. But when I got back from PJ, he was not at the door to greet us like he usually does. He went upstairs again! This time he reached the top!There he was, sitting on the top of the stairs with a guilty look on his face. We now have a problem. I knew it was just the matter of time before he tried the stair thingy but never expected him to go all the way up, all of a sudden. Now I have to figure a way to prevent him for doing so in the future.

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