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Wookie this, Wookie that

These days, my life seemed to revolve around this little furry creature. I can’t help it. Am I in love?

This morning, I took Wookie into class with me, for the 2nd time. On his 1st time last week, it wasn’t quite a success. He could not understand why he cannot join in the fun. Although, the girls will beg to differ that it’s actually ‘fun’, the hard work in class, I mean. He also ‘marked’ his territory very well.

Before the class began this morning, even before I put my bag down, he decided to ‘mark his territory’ again. He peed and pooed. And with bits of poo still stuck on his furry bum, he ran and ‘stamped’ as many places as possible with his poo-stuck bum. Thank goodness all these happened before class or I shall be VERY annoyed.

This week, however, was much better where class was concerned. For most of the lesson, he stayed close to me, rolling his green rubber ball around and chewing on his rawhide bone. Occasionally, the urge to ‘join the fun’ was quickly nipped at the bud with a loud and firm “WOOKIE!”

Carin noticed that he was staring at ‘the other pup’ in the mirror. This staring went on for a while and he gave a loud bark. This bark could mean, “Hey, come play with me. I am very lonely here. The girls are having fun dancing away and my Mummy won’t let me join in” or it could also mean, “hey, don’t you DARE come over here. This place is mine, mine MINE! I have already placed many marks on it!”

When class was over, I said, “Ok, let’s go, Baby”. He promptly went over to the laundry basket. LAUNDRY BASKET?? Yup, that’s what he travels in when I have to take him anywhere on my own. The basket sits on the front seat with the seatbelt strapped firmly across it. That way, I can be certain he’s not leaping about in the car.

Perhaps some of you might ask, is he going to take up ballet soon? Well, who knows, he may already be learning to do a tour en l’air.

Reader Comments (2)

how abt a wookie blog?
great idea?
go get it before somebody do?
August 4, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjonathan
As it is, Wookie and I are almost one, so my blog is his blog :p
August 5, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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