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Hazy, Crazy Days.............................

Many years ago, I read about the red sun, or was it in a movie? Well, the point is, I don’t remember where I read or heard about it but I remember the red sun significance.

In the book (or the movie), it was a scene after a battle. Many died and bodies were all over the battlefield. The smoke and dust from the battle hung still in the air and the sun was red. In the book (or the movie), the sun was red because of the blood spilled that day. I always thought it was a figure of speech – even the sun mourns for the dead.

Many years later I found out that the sun was red because of the smoke and dust particles in the air. In the battlefield, there will be much of those. The last few days, the red sun looms over Malaysian sky. No, we are not in battle and not many have died. It’s the haze.

Perhaps, it IS a battle of sort. Our lungs are battling to breathe. My eyes are battling the constant tearing due to the irritation from the haze. And perhaps, we may even die due to prolonged exposure to this unhealthy condition. The last few days, one feels as if one is under a blanket of smoke. The whole scenario has that romantic, hazy, slightly out of focus look about it. It’s all well and good, if one sees it on TV or a picture postcard. But try to live in it is quite another matter.

I don’t read papers, so I am rather ignorant in current issues. But what I hear is, the cause of the haze is due to Sumatran forest fires. But that was what caused the ’97 haze which made Alison wheezed for a long while. 1997 till 2005 and Sumatra is STILL burning. Why can’t the matter be resolved? Every time the haze occurs, the official statement is, “Illegal burning in Sumatra”. What about the burning closer to home? Just yesterday alone, I saw 2 open burning incidents. These people are so irresponsible. Can’t they see that they are contributing further to the hazy condition? Or perhaps, it’s so hazy they can’t see!

Once, I went to PetroSains exhibition. There was a certain display whereby one can stick one’s nose into a box and take a sniff to find out what prehistoric air smells like. It smelt sulphur-ish. I suppose many years from now; when we Malaysian are all killed due to the haze, one can visit some museum, stick one’s nose into a box to sniff at the smoky air, which killed Malaysians.

Reader Comments (3)

Absolutely agreeable!!!
August 9, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterpeiwun
Well if u can't beat em, join em.. :P
Anyone game for a campfire or BBQ.. :))
August 9, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterbenkenobi
Barbecue Wookie? =) Teacher will send the rain (tears)
August 10, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterpohlynn

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