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I heard

Yesterday, I heard that a dear, dear man I know has prostate cancer. I have known him for years now but we do not see each other often because we both live in different parts of the world. However, when we do meet, he never fails to inspire me. I always appreciate his encouragement and sound advice to becoming a better teacher.

He is in his 70s now but I doubt I can even match his energy. When he teaches, his exuberance and vitality always rubs off on the students. His dedication to the world of dance is such that he is postponing his operation till October because he is now "in his extremely busy period"! He battled skin cancer 2 years ago. I am just sad that he has to go through another round of battling again. Even though studies show that prostate cancer develops slowly and statistics say that survival rate is very high, it must feel like a time bomb strapped on the body.

It seems to me that so many people these days have developed cancer. It is the disease of the times. It may be linked to the food that we eat, environment that we live in, basically the lifestyle that we lead. Turn organic? How organic can we become?

I believe we all try to do our best, to avoid as many potential hazards as we can. But there's really no way we can prevent 'contamination' entirely. Just look at the condition we have to live in the past week! (refer to previous blog,"Hazy ..........")

I will pray for this dear man, pray that his battle will not be long, pray that his quality of life will not be affected, pray that he does not have to go through pain and pray for complete healing.

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Ask this man to eat tons of TOMATOES, cos tomato contain high lycopine which is SPECIALLY fight prostate cancer. AND only RED tomato have high lycopene compare to other colours tomato. AND tomato is well known of fighting prostate cancer.
August 18, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterAng

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