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Murder on the road

This is an incident related to me. It happened about 3 weeks ago. To protect the persons involved, they shall remain anonymous. Neither A nor C were at the scene when the crime was committed. But they were taken to it the next day.

B was speeding home one Friday night along the many lovely 'speedable' roads of Melawati. Suddenly, the car hit something, then he felt a thud as the wheels of his car ran over it. I did not ask if he stop to take a look. The impact was great enough to create a dent in the front.

The next day, A and C were taken to the crime scene. That poor little dog was still lying, very dead, on the road. They stopped the car by the road, walked over to examine the DB (dead body). Passerbys stopped, offered words of sympathy thinking that it belonged to A, B or C. Little did they know, the Muderer was amongst The Three. Well, this proves a point. The murderer always return to the scene of the crime.

C, out of kindness of his heart, took a plastic bag and moved the DB to the side of the road. After he has done so, he began close examination on it. He wanted to find out what killed him. Like it was not obvious! B's car lah!!!! It had died of internal injuries. That explains why there were no blood on B's car. If there were, even if B tried to wash it off, one squirt of Luminol will reveal.

Ok, perhaps I had painted a picture of a heartless, murderous B. That's because he is but then again, I, too have been in the same situation before. Many years ago, I had dropped somebody home in Melawati. It was late and I was tired, so I was speeding home. While I was thinking of the hot shower and the comfy bed, a dog leapt out of nowhere in front of my car. I could not stop and heard the awful thud. Thank God there were no cars behind me. Then, all I could think of was, " Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! I Killed It!" I unlocked my door, and proceeded to get out to see if it's dead or just hurt, when suddenly, it spranged on its feet and ran off to the other side of the road! It did not die! I was so relieved.

One sees so many road kills. Most of the time, these animals have the sense to stay out of the way. But occasionally, they too slip up. It also reminds me of the time when I was in Sri Damansara. There is a sharp curve that leads up to this place. I was behind this car when it swerved sharply. I swore a little under my breath, "what is this guy doing!" Then suddenly, I saw...................... I saw the monitor lizard waddling slowly across the road. The situation called for quick action, I swerved too. But the monitor lizard was not so third time lucky. I heard a thump thump behind me from the third car. Win some, lose some. Perhaps that night, somebody had monitor lizard soup.

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the dog must have wanted to commit suicide... oh oh oh, there's a car, and its FAST, ran towards the light of the car and.... THUD... I hope it went to heaven, they say all dogs go to heaven rite... rite??
August 10, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterbenkenobi

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