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Thing of Value

Dancesmall.jpgI read Ben's blog with interest about 2 weeks ago. It also got me thinking , what are things of value to me?

I have always thought if the studio is on fire, there are a few things I will save. Of course, we are hypothetically speaking and given the fact that there's nobody to save. Meaning, lives are always most important.

There are a few original pieces in the studio, art pieces I mean. I have a few batik paintings, a songket one too. There's this poster size picture of Ching Li that I like. There's also a pencil piece by an ex-student of One Art Academy which I saw at a student exhibition and persuaded the owner to sell.

But my favourite and my most precious will probably be this calligraphy. My sister, Jasmine, on one of her mission trips to China many years ago, brought it back to me.

When she saw this calligraphy, she knew that she wanted to get it for me. She persuaded the man to sell it to her. The owner did not want to do so. He told her that it was his father who drew this beautiful piece and his father has since passed away. It is very precious to him. But on the day my sister left that village, he came up to her with it rolled up with newspaper and gave it to her. He then told her he cannot except any money for it because it's priceless but he wants to give it to her as a gift. That village was not her last stop. She then lugged it to many place, taking care not to crush it. It was drawn on very thin and delicate rice paper.

The calligraphy means dance. Notice how it looks like a dancer on 1 leg in a tutu?  This is drawn by an old man in a tiny village in some provincial China who probably have never seen western dance before, let alone in tutu. It's truly  amazing.

So if the studio is on fire and there's absolutely nobody to save, this will be it.

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I remember this, my friend wrote for you from Xian, China!!! Can you send me an electronic copy?
August 11, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterJasmine
Oh, just read the writing, that's right... his father wrote it, he showed me and I begged him to sell it to me.
The stamp on the left is his, he put it on in front of me... I should write him... wah, that was at least 15 years ago! I miss all of them so much!
August 11, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterJasmine

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