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How does my Garden grow

purp_flo_front.jpgThis morning, this lovely purple flower bloomed. I bought this plant months ago from Aunty Plant Nursery. A group of us frequent her place in Ampang. About a year ago, she had a stroke that has left her paralysed partially. The 1st few months after the incident was most difficult for her. She had been a very active person, tending to the plants in her nursery all day long. She then became a Christian and that gave her hope and new energy to go on. She helped me get me garden going in those early months, giving me loads of good gardening tips.

I bought this plant from her helper, who cannot tell me much about it except,  "bunga in cantik". It was not blooming then. In fact, this is the 1st bloom. I was fascinated with the velvety feel of the leaves and bought it on impulse. For a while now, I thought I was duped and that it's a flowerless plant.

It's very slow. It takes months and months for it to decide on giving me some buds and 2 weeks for the bud to bloom. I suppose it resembles a morning glory but I think I appreciate it a lot because it seems so hard to come by, after months and months of waiting.

As a reflection on life, I suppose it's liken to waiting for something for a long, long time and when one gets it, joy is beyond compare. On the flipside, one tends to take beautiful things that one gets so easily, for granted and do not appreciate them.  

The Bud_3Sept
This was what it looked like about 2 weeks ago. From this picture, who would imagine there's going to be purple petals? I tried to peek inside (believe me, I did, short of prying it open)


side view_15Sept

 Goodness, this post is beginning to look like my friend, Ang's blog, Everything About Tomato

But of course, his pictures are more stupendous than mine.  

 Note to self: now that Wookie is bigger ( MUCH bigger) must tend to garden a little bit more.


Reader Comments (6)

For decades, I thought there was a curse on us that the Phong sisters can't plant anything. Well, we have broken the curse and wah-lah... flowers are blooming!Not for long for me though as winter is approaching...
September 16, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterFarawaycheese
Wow...that is beautiful blooming. It look like Pertunia, but i think it more to Morning Glory.

As my experience, your flower can bloom like CRAZY, just depend on you want or not.

Here is the treat- First SUNLIGHT!No sunlight, partial shade or no expose longer enough under direct sunlight the plant will not flower.

2. FERTILISER, I am growing using organic mathod, and make my soil so healthy. You may using Commercial fertiliser, make sure the P is highest.(the middle number of the NPK).

3. WATER well. VIOLA!you will see you flower bloom like mad, and you will enjoy it MADNESS!
September 19, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterAng
My, there's so much to learn from you. P? NPK? They all sound foreign to me. I just give my plants water, sunshine and normal fertiliser ( dunno what alphabet it is ) Care also to be taken to trim them, and like all living things, spend time with them. :)
Right, right?
September 20, 2005 | Registered CommenterKaty
Yes, you must love them, and give them you attention, so their will rewards you by blooming beautiful flowers.

Next time i come to visit wookie again, we share with you my gardening experience.:)
September 20, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterAng
What I really must do is visit your vegetable garden. Invite me lah.
September 20, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterKaty
Come la, anytime you want.:))
September 21, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterAng

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