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Wookie at 4.2kg

yayayya, I know he's a growing boy. And of course he should be putting on weight. When I asked Mandy of my Grade 5 class who has a year old shitzu, she told me that her Prince is only 5kg. At that time, Wookie was only 3.5 and he was only 3 months old.

How can that be? Prince is already 1 year old and he weighs only 5kg. Then Mandy's mum told me Prince is a picky eater. I am glad Wookie does not fuss. In fact, whenever he sees us snack in front of the TV, he will try to get at the snacks. Of course he does not get any. Puppies get puppy food and puppy snacks.

Last Friday, we took him to the vet for a check-up. And at the weigh-in, he's touched 4.2! He's quite a huge furball now. No, no pictures because he looks pretty much the same, except he's BIGGER. It's getting near to impossible to clean his ears. I cannot hold him still when he struggles. He does not like ear-cleaning.

New tricks? Nothing much to mention about. But we seemed to be getting to know each other a lot better. For example, this fella does not like to poo or pee at dirty places. If soiled newspapers are not removed, he does it on the floor! "Old Newspaper Man" is not getting as much business from me  these days.

He also love to go out back into the laundry area. I suspect he just wants to see if he can 'kidnap' a sock or two to play with. He will then run ever so swiftly to one of his numerous play areas and chew on it.

Most of my furniture has been 'initialed' with his teeth marks already. He can still barely squeeze under the sofa but I think it's just the matter of days before he can't do it anymore.

My amazing growing baby. 2+ at 2 months, 3+ at 3 months, 4+ at 4 months. Will he be 12+ at 12 months?????!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Yup! He going to be a big hairy boy for you....
September 21, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterAng

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