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Begitu Semangat

Last Monday, 6 of my girls took their Majors examinations.  They were squeezed out of every ounce of energy that they had from their body, thus could not drag themselves to class that night. June asked me, "Teacher, must go for class tonight ah?" My answer, "Up to you lah". I am not an advocate to skipping classes but anybody who's been to a Major ballet exam will tell you it's NOT a walk in the park.

So the rest of the girls (only 3 of them) had a very sombre class indeed that night. I mean, who can feel elated? 2/3 of their friends have already finished their exam and THEY have to wait till Sunday to do theirs.

Wednesday came. Yet another Intermediate class. Surprisingly, I had full attendance. Those who's taken exam could very well ask for permission to miss class for the day and I would have granted it. After all, finished exam already mah. But they came, to give their friends moral support and encouragement.

You see, that's what I like about my bunch of girls. (Notice the MY bunch of girls) I love their spirit. I like their kindness, their comradeship with each other. The way they care to make their friends feel comfortable and give reassurance.  These are the sort of qualities that are important. I think it's more important than being able to do a double turn or land perfectly on a grand jete.

They came, made their friends laugh, tell them what the examiner was like, what the free work was like. They generally made the 3 'left behind' girls feel not so left behind. 

Being unselfish and being able to to think of others is undoubtedly something worthwhile. Carry it with you. It'll take you far, girls.

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