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Wookie - shaved

Last night, the Cheongs had a family meeting. We have to make a very difficult decision, to have Wookie completely shaved. With heavy hearts, we decided it was the best thing to do.

When we bought Wookie, we did not check him thoroughly. I mean, I was just smitten by him, blinded, you might say. He had several patches of fungus infection that I did not notice due to his thick fur. It only surfaced on his 1st bath. We took him to the vet who gave us some cream to apply to affected areas. We were told it's poisonous and to be careful with it. It must also taste good because as soon as we apply it, he licks it off. When the patches seemed to be getting better, we stopped.

Taken this morning
Little did we know, it was not completely eradicated and began to spread. We were told shaving him completely will be a good solution. We can then see the affected areas and treat accordingly. The thick fur also hinders absorption of medication. But it was a difficult decision to make because it will take 3 months before the fur grows back and 6 months before it grows back to present length.

Yesterday, the vet suggested it again. It's the sort of thing whereby it's not compulsory but better if done. DECIDE! She also said if it gets worse, she'll have to put him on oral medication and that's no good because he's still a baby. It could cause hepatitis later in his life.

No-brainer, right? So this morning, after my morning class, I took him to the vet and left him there till 5.30PM. When I went to collect him, I could not recognise him! I was talking to my ex-schoomate who owns the place and one of the attendants carried him out. "Is that my Wookie?"........... "Yup"

This evening
When he was handed over to me, he showered me with licks. Yup, that's my Wookie. My poor baby must have gone through such a traumatised afternoon. But I am glad we did it. There were some spots we did not know about. They were all covered with fur. Now that it's all exposed, it's ALL OUT WAR with fungus!

The other night, Andrew and I were discussing about whether we would have bought Wookie if we had known he's having  these problems. My answer was, probably not but we would not have gotten another puppy either. But now, we are all so attached to him. The house seemed so empty without him this afternoon. Alison absentmindedly continued to shut the baby gate on the bottom of the stairs. The tiny house suddenly seemed so big and empty when he was away for that few hours.

How can a little pup fill up a whole house? I don't know. I cannot explain or describe the feeling but I am sure you guys out there with pets or even little babies will know what I mean. The whole household seemed to revolve around that little creature.

So Wookie, with or without fur is still MY Wookie, a part of my life.

PS: He looks kinda cute in a strange sort of way in his shaven state. He does not look like a shitzu anymore. But I'll bet he and his godpa, Unc Ju will have a lot to share. 

Reader Comments (5)

Oh my... my animal nephew turned Botak!
September 24, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterFarawaycheese
Oh, my son, my son*! What hast they done to you?!

(*= meaning godson lar...)
September 24, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjulian
Aunty Jas: Dun call him names lar! He got feelings one lar.
Godpa: Come show him he's not the only Botak :p
September 25, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterKaty
What a CUTE little "Pug'! I like wookie without hair also.... Look like 'Jack Russel Terrier'also!
September 26, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterAng
I must add that when Ang came to my place on Saturday, His shocked look was quite priceless. I thought he read this post and wanted to come over and give Wookie some hugz but it turned out he did not know anything about the shaving.
Still, I agree with you, Wookie with or without hair is still Wookie..........Banyak Sayang!
September 26, 2005 | Registered CommenterKaty

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