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I just got back from a very exciting Stomp performance. Tickets were bought months ago, anticipation riding high, I had to reschedule some classes and get others to take over some of my other classes to make it. Well, the Sunday classes nonsense only began long after the tickets were bought.

My 1st encounter with Stomp was its video, Stomp Out Loud. Andrew and I were at MidValley MegaMall many years ago, window shopping. We walked by this particular video shop screening the Brooms number on their TV screen in the display window. I stood there mesmerised watching. We must have been there quite a while when Andrew got tired of waiting and suggested that I go in to enquire if it's for sale.

I did not have a DVD player then so I asked for Video CD, which was out of stock.They did not have DVDs either or I would have bought that too. Of course I placed an order for it but it never came. I went to many different video shops in town asking for it. "Do you have Stomp Out Loud?" "Huh?" "What is that?" "There, those people dance with brooms and dustbins one ah"

I either received a "Oh that one ah, don't have" or "Dunno what is it lah" But it's always "Dun have, dun have" I, then, pestered this video shop near my place to search high and low for it and yup, they delivered!  

Back to the present. Alison and I were supposed to go to the performance with Jon and his daughter, Kim. But we had to make different plans because I had to teach before that. So we met there instead. The performance was truly fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Alison also enjoyed it tremendously. There were several items which was really great but I think Brooms still hold that certain magic for me. They used that as an opening number.  Of course there's the Aerial one. Then there's the Oil Drums. I can go on.

They had a good balance of comic moments, intense rhythmic repertoire and audience participation. They had 8 performers on the team. Out of 8, 7 of them are really big. (Big as in muscular and tall) The 8th fella is much tinier and he's the jester of the group. Jester, though he may be, he plays an important role in breaking the routine or otherwise it may be a little too intense. I think they need moments like that to catch their breath, take a sip of water backstage and also to change props. 

They used everything from dustbins, brooms, plastic bottles to Zippos. There was one interesting item where they used something that looked like pvc pipes but a little more flexible. It sounded a little like the Australian didgeridoo. Jon and I had a good time trying to identify all the different props they were using.

I have not had such a good time at a performance for a long, long time.  *sigh* When will another come?

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It's great that you enjoyed it! Better than my parents, they had free tickets; but I almost fell out of my chair when I read their review..."not very nice la... it gets louder and louder... save your money don't go la" *slap on the forehead*

September 26, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ
?????? They didn't enjoy it?
Perhaps they did not know what to expect. Perhaps they thought it's a dance performance, something like Wild Zebra?
September 27, 2005 | Registered CommenterKaty
Wanz, what do you mean when you say you "read their review"? You mean your parents are blogging as well? Maybe Katy is right, your parents would have had a better understanding of the show if it was called Wild Dustbins instead...
September 27, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjulian
I think WanZ's parents must have been shocked to horrors when they came out with the kitchen sinks performance! Maybe her parents have that idea that you don't play with those things. They are dirty! Kotor! Could be cultural shock for her parents.
[Still love the kitchen sink act.]
Ju, in fact the whole bunch of STOMP is wilder than the Wild Zebras! While the Wild Zebras are so graceful, these guys and gals are true to their profession of being WILD!
September 27, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjonathan
Nola, they don't blog! Haha... emails and MSN Messenger. But currently getting them to switch to Yahoo Messenger, and I see them having fun using the audibles. Hmmm, I guess they are not very musical people. Too much of something new probably bored them. I wished I got their free tickets instead!
September 29, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ

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