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Clock Day

I logged into the DanceArt blog, tried to compose my a new posting there with pictures and all, but somehow it's not turning out the way I wanted, so I gave up. I just going to leave it to one of you girls to do it (Command! Not hint!)

So I give up easily, so what. Of course there are certain things I will stick my guns to but I really don't think putting up a post in the manner which I want it one, especially if I have other options. Not worth the stress. Ok, lets get on with what I wanted to blog about.

The Clock Day.

clockday_sign.jpgTonight, the Intermediate and Advanced girls gathered for a combination of celebrations. (Read the sign on right) I suppose the "Official Clock Day" was just an excuse for pigging out. (See below for all those piggies all lined out on the floor, all ready for slaughter)

I suppose I should add to the list on the sign a #8 which says, 'Teacher Katy's unofficial year end'. But there are still a lot more work to do to get classes in order before the month-long holiday in December.

These are the piggies who all but cleaned out everything. Ok, I'll be fair, I can almost hear
"Teacher! Where got?" *whiny, protesting sort of voices* We have some salad left. The coconut salad thingy which June's mum made was absolutely scrumptious. It was so deliciously cold. My teeth froze. Swee Ling brought fruit salad which had raisins in it so it's GOOD! Hey, anything with raisins is GOOD. (Raisins ah, not sultanas)

I made tuna pasta. I had not boiled bow tie pasta for a long, long time and had forgotten how they expand. I suddenly found myself with too much pasta this afternoon and had to give some away. Anyway, the pasta was a great hit too, mainly because it's the only savoury dish.

Poh Lynn made a melt-in-your, er, cake tin cheesecake. "Hurry! Hurry! Come and eat the cake! It's MELTING!" That seems to be her frequent cry. But hey, It was just so delicious, nobody minded it's state. And yeah, it was out fault, we sort of delayed the eating a little. So Poh Lynn, don't let our snide remarks stop you from making goodies for us to eat. Fun pushing. 

clockday_goodies.jpgSomebody, ( I can't remember who) brought some interesting kuih. One even have little barley in it.  Ok, I'll be even fairer. I, too, pigged out. This old pig here eat quite a bit. After the coconut salad was all gone, I was dipping Pringles into the sauce/gravy/whatchmacallit.

When about 90% of the food was gone, we got down to the business of restarting the clock. So what's the big deal? Well, students are not allowed to wear watches in class and sometimes the clock helps a lot. If they do not know the time, they do not know how much longer they need to suffer (that's the statement from one of the students) Of course it's not very important to me since I am allowed to wear a watch :D

Someday when I know how, I may post things like what's on the bottom here as a V-blog but for now, this should suffice.

The clock is dead!

Deader than dead. It's been dead for months. 


                                                                                                            Giving it a new heart60135-177485-thumbnail.jpg

Insert Battery 





 Time has moved on. It is no longer still. We can now progress into the future...........................................................

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Heh... the clock thing is an old trick... teacher, you do enjoy watching them suffer, don't you?
September 29, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ

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