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Being Diabetic. Part 2

This morning I was at the clinic and had a whole heap of blood taken away from me. Pee also, but that was going to be flushed away anyway, so I don't miss that. I believe the blood was for various tests; general blood picture for the past 3 months, cholesterol etc.

Being diabetic means 'attracting' a whole lot of other diseases. Hypertension, cholesterol problems, eye problems, skin problems. Kidneys are also not exempted. Then, there's the tiredness - the mind is always willing but the body is not. One can prevent certain things from happening but cannot avoid it entirely. Take skin, for example. Any little nicks and scratches can easily develop into a septic wound.

This happens all the time, especially during horse-play, oops, doggie-play with Wookie.  I am also not the most careful person in the world, always walking into or brushing against  against things.  Sometimes at night, I think I look like a leper, with plasters and bandages to cover the wounds after applying antiseptic/antibiotic creams.

It seems to me I am finally coming out of the hole. I have always believed that my disease/illness/sickness is none of anybody's business but my own. In a way, I still think so. But I no longer hide the fact anymore. I don't stand on top of a mountain and announce it to the whole world but I don't go out of my way to shove it into the closet either.

Perhaps it's because I was afraid that people will think less of me or look at me and think "poor thing". But the truth of the matter is, who cares?  I am what I am. It's not something to be proud about but it's also not something to be ashamed of either.


Reader Comments (3)

Hugs. I know what you mean. My aunt is the same here. Especially her eyes and skin and etc. Sometimes she would feel dizzy, lack of focus, and other symptoms.

Again, you can live life to the fullest. Being happy is one thing, being careful and mindful with what you eat is another. My aunt had always get so caught up and worry and weary of her diabetic, high bp, and cholestrol. But she is very discipline in her diet. Take good care of it and be happy teacher. Love you
September 7, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterpohlynn
Ahh. Bigs hugs to you. Love you for you old girl. It's part of who you are - its not the whole of who you are. Keep going - you're a STAR!
Julie :-)
September 11, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterJulie
me a STAR? not feeling very sharp at the moment, Darling
September 12, 2005 | Registered CommenterKaty

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