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What a Bundle of Joy

Isn't he just adorable? When he came home 6 months ago, I put a little towel in this basket hoping to turn it into his bed. We abandoned the idea when he could not even get into the basket because he was too tiny. And little did I know he was going to grow so much he will not fit in, at least not to sleep in anyway.

Wookie turned 8 months old on the 1st. This picture was taken tonight. As you can see, his fur has grown back. He has also learnt to wink at me ( I swore he does but only Alison believed he can do it)  He has learnt to mope when from attention deficiency or so he thinks. He will follow any of us all over the house with his favourite green ball in his mouth (please play with me?) He is not allowed in the garden but he loves to carry his ball to the doorway when the door is open. He will then nonchalantly paw his ball a little and lo and behold! "Oops! my ball rolled out!" Then he will whine and stretch his little neck as far a possible in a perfect act of a pathetically frantic mutt trying to save his ball fallen into the deep, blue sea.

Kiki & Ah Ki
Here's Wookie and Kirsten when the Wongs came over for dinner last month ( I had forgotten these pictures were taken ) Kirsten has decided to call him "Ah Ki" - very Chinese. Perhaps a very apt name since his ancestors were once from China. Meg loved to have her toes licked. But Kirsten preferred to follow Ah Ki around. Well, they followed each other. 60135-245153-thumbnail.jpg
Sweet toes, juicy toes

It was quite hilarious, watching both of them.  Ah Ki will have to return a visit soon to Kiki.

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wah...wookie look cute in the basket!
January 11, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAng

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