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I smell something dead! Honest! Something died around my computer area. It better dry up shrivel and unsmell soon or I will have to move stuff to remove the carcass. Note to self; investigate tomorrow morning

Why the title? Well, it's all about what happened today. Went to 2nd service this morning. Pastor Nancy spoked. She and I goes back a long way. We were childhood friends and I used to hang out at her place quite a fair bit. Her sermon today was "In The Garden". Very aptly we sang the song too at the end of service. It's Andrew's favourite. After service, we rushed down to PJ to a) drop Wookie to the groomer's b) to help my brother Steven to unpack in his new place.

When I carried Wookie into the shop, he was really frightened. He must have sensed something's up.Then we set off to Steven's new place in PJ Section 5. Adam was with us. We picked him and Yu up from the apartment. I really love Steven's new place. It's a 2-storey bungalow in a mature neighbourhood. There's lots of greens around. It has a humongous compound. I think I will go overboard with gardening if I live there. When I was there this afternoon, it rained and I loved the place even more. Don't ask me why, it just has a nice feeling about it. And of course, the so many build-in cupboards just overwhelmed me. A week ago, I helped him pack. In one afternoon I filled up about 10 boxes and that was just some stuff from the study and the store-room in the apartment. After I put away everything from those boxes, there's still space left in the cupboard of just 1 room! Then again, perhaps God is wise not to bless me with so much storage. I will become a pack rat. But it felt so nice to empty those boxes and put everything away. My sister-in-law will be back from Germany next week. She is not feeling well. I thought if I were in her shoes, not feeling so good and to come back to boxes which needed unpacking, I will be even more unwell. So everything MUST come out of boxes. She can rearrange as and when she likes but at least there are no boxes strewn all over the house. Adam was such a good boy. Tai Good Ma (meaning me) connected the DVD player to the TV and he spent a good part of the afternoon watching Barney, leaving Kakak Yu to help me clean up. Mum and Pa came over too to check out the place. Pa took a wrong turn and went into some tolled highway. He ended up having to pay for 2 tolls. I never found out which it was. I decided not to bring up the subject bacause they will began to argue again. Mum actually went down the whole flight of stairs to check out the other floor (the entrance to the house is on the top floor) I think this is the 1st time she took so many stairs since her stroke 8 years ago. So happy for her. When I left in the evening, the house look fairly habitable already. I imagine the kids will move in tomorrow.

I am so happy!
Then we went to pick Wookie up from groomer's. He was so excited to see us, practically licked off my face. He looked and smelled so gorgeous! He has never been to the groomer before. A few months ago, he had a complete shave and the rest of the time, it's just Mummy (me lah) trimming him. Now that the professionals have 'done' him, I can see why we should leave it to 'The Professionals". Fella at the shop said he is so heavy, he can afford to miss a meal or two! Now he is all ready for Chinese New Year. His 1st! Of course he will get a red treat from me on the 1st day of Chinese New Year!

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wookie is just tooooo cuuuteee
January 18, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterpeiwun
I also think so :p
January 19, 2006 | Registered CommenterKaty

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