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Temper! Temper!

It had been a long day and Wookie got on my nerve by removing floor mats the second I lay them down.

Enough is enough! I do not like to step on wet floors, which is the case during washing up after dinner. A certain amount of water is bound to get on the floor. So I took another mat, laid it down at the sink and in a very sharp and loud tone told him "NO"

Of course, one "No" will not do. It required a few but he got the message.I explained to him floor mats are NOT his but mine. The mat is STILL at the sink 5 hours later but my, can he sulk!

He refused to sit near me the whole night, preferring to sleep near the front door. He moped and was very unlike his usual self. He acted, altogether, very like a cat! Maybe he IS a cat trapped in a dog's body!

For you guys out there who thinks I was being harsh, I did 'sayanged' him after all the scolding. Now whoever said that dogs are faithful, forgiving, and so on , can do a case study with him!

PS: I was going to put up a mopey picture of him but I can't find any in my files. He's always either so smiley or dopey but never mopey. Now, he's asleep. Ah well, let him sleep it off.

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wah... merajuk eh...
January 18, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ

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