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"What's that?" "Parent/ Teacher Society or something like that ah?"
Well, it actually stands for Practical Teaching Supervisor.
"And what in the world is THAT?"
Well, it's some supervisor thingy that I am going to do for RAD.

That was the sort of conversation that went on for nearly 2 months with all my friends. It all began when Zafriah our local RAD organizer rang me and ask me to apply for it. My reaction was exactly the same with the friends I shared it with. But, hey, it sounded exciting and it's a new challenge. GO FOR IT!

Went for it, I did. I wrote in. Application forms came, filled up and so on and so forth and then an email came to let me know it's been accepted and I began on January 16, 2006. I was quite excited and yesterday, reality hit me straight in the face!

A package came from London. In it was all the material I needed for my new position. And it was HEAVY! Needless to say, I have to carefully study all those material. Andrew said this to me, "Did you really think it's going to be so easy?"

Truth be told, I did not think anything. I mean, I knew roughly what I was getting myself into but I had not realised there's going to be so much studying. Groan! Ok, must jump-start my brain. I shouldn't complain, really. This is what I am looking for - a challenge.

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Now that yr dvd has died, I think u r going to go into PTS (post trauma syndrome) of not having a dvd. I wonder how Andrew will react? Keep us posted.
January 19, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterjonathan

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