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DVD player died

2 hours ago, I cut up some papayas, took out a disc from my Babylon 5 season 1 and proceeded to settle down on the sofa and vegetate for a short while before doing the school run again. I pressed the knob that says 'open' but nothing opened. In fact, the DVD player was not even squeaking at all. No signs of life, no light, no nothing!Crying.

Oh no! What's happened? My DVD player died? Not now! Not just before Chinese New Year. If we do not have the player in working order, we will have to endure 'gong xi gong xi' songs for x number of days.............cannot tahan! We will also have to endure severely censored and mangled movies too. All these due to the humongous number of adverts they try to squeeze in and also the over zealously prudent censorship board.

Wait a minute, perhaps it's a blessing in disguise. Perhaps we may all read those books we said we will read but never got round to it. And, perhaps I will find time to go through that thick PTS manual and be well prepared for my 1st evaluation, whenever that might be. Perhaps we will take a short trip somewhere and spend some quality time. Perhaps we will go and disturb more friends (and watch THEIR dvds)

Or perhaps, David, my electrical appliance repairman, will fix it on time. Relieved. 

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