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On Monday, I had an appointment with my endocrinologist. He decided to change my insulin based on many reasons, one of which I particularly like, the new one costs only 1/3 of what I was using.  So he gave me a disposable set to try it out for a week.

He warned me that this not as 'sustained released' as the other one, meaning I must make sure I eat enough at certain times. Yesterday, I found out that 1 egg sandwich and a slice of papaya for lunch is NOT enough.  In the evening, I had hypoglycemia. But I am glad I felt it coming. My mum who's been diabetic for more than 30 years do not and on many occasions she just slipped into diabetic coma. Dad is an expert on what to do now.

I quickly finished up my cooking, took a glucolin drink and eat 2 candies June and Swee Ling bought for me from Melbourne.  People always give me candies and chocolates for gifts, knowing very well I am diabetic. Perhaps, at last I found good use for them, although I prefer different circumstances.

Right after dinner, I went to bed and slept right through the night, for a whole 12 hours! What a strange experience. I mean, after a hypoglycemic occasion, diabetics do feel tired. It feels as one ran a marathon. But 12 hours was probably the longest I have ever been sleeping. *Note: must tell Andrew to check on me in case I slip into coma* 

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