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Glutton Dancers

This was re-enacted. The original candle was blown out
Yeap! It's eats again in DanceArt. This time, it's Sue Jan's birthday. It's her 18th! When I asked her what she looks forward to after being 18, she said, "to go clubbing legally" Does this mean at last she can go clubbing? Or perhaps, it means she can now go clubbing and not feel guilty that she's under aged. Go figure...........

Ze Gluttons
Plan was to have class till about 9pm and I'll come with the cake. June sent me a message earlier in the evening wondering if they will be dancing at all. But of course! I think Jan already knew something is brewing. So many people have asked if she's coming for class today. She's missed quite a few lessons last week because she has started working part-time in KLCC in this posh posh shoe boutique where all these Datin, Datin and Puan Sri come to get shod. Jan told us that a lady bought a 17K handbag with cash! Ah well, if you have it flaunt it.

The Red Eggs
The food, mmmmmm, everybody seemed to be in a Chinese New Year mood already. We have 'loh sang', Konyaku jelly with the chinese mandarin oranges in it. Bee Hong made red eggs. The red eggs is supposed to be good symbols for birthdays. Long life and so on.

I brought a cream-less butter cake, not wanting them to put on too much weight. After all, it's Chinese New Year in a few days and there'll be more eating done. But they hardly touched it, the cake, I mean. I suppose that's good. Perhaps, it's because I mentioned about no cream so that they don't put on too much weight sigh

I can see that everybody is already winding down for the CNY. The girls were exchanging new year greetings and cards and goodies. I had to remind them that they still have lessons on Wednesday AND Thursday!

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Aiyah - it's the latter la ...
January 24, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterCindy
hehehhe yesh gluttons we are. the food was delish. who's birthday is coming up?
February 5, 2006 | Unregistered Commentersuejan

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