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Josh Groban

Yesterday. I went over to my sister, Michelle's house. It has just recently been renovated and I wanted to check it out. It was really nice.

 She has extended her whole house right to the end of the backyard. Her kitchen is truly gorgeous, complete with built-in oven, dishwasher. She has a beautiful functional laundry area and a drying area which gets the sun but not the rain due to clear roofings.

After an extensive tour of the house, we settled down to watch a Josh Groban DVD. We did not watch the entire concert. My sister sort of chose a few of the highlights. Both of us sat on the sofa, with tears in our eyes. He sings with so much passion and emotion for someone so young. His voice is so soulful.

He is one of my husband's favourite singer. We have 2 of his albums which we listen to very often. But it was so beautiful to watch the concert.  I, then borrowed the DVD promising to return it on Saturday.

No prizes for guessing what we watch at home last night. 

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