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Glorified GRO

Tonight, The Dance Society of Malaysia gave a gala performance of Passion Flower and Triple Bill at the Securities Commission. What did I think? I have absolutely no idea. Why? Because I was stuck upstairs in the VIP reception room preparing beverages and snacks for the interval. When this performance was scheduled, I told myself not to get too actively involved. I learnt to draw a line and say 'no' because I needed some 'downtime' from TDS activities. I know I will be very busy, even as I type preparing for this year's competition which will be held in June. Vicky and I were exchanging text messages quite a bit over the past few days. After a few messages on Thursday, I called her, "tired lah, my fingers". Even a simple 20 minute reception like this required lots preparation. Vicky made a delicious smoked salmon dip with crackers. I collected the curry puff. We also had cheese. I showed off my selection of teas. So it was, " Would like coffee or tea, Tunku?", "Would you like some refreshments, Puan Sri", "Let me get you some hot water for your tea, Maam"..............Of course it went well but it's definitely not something I would like to volunteer to do if I have any other choice. Give me backstage anytime. Sunny did ask me if I can stage-manage (ah, wouldn't I?) But since today is the 1st day I see most of my students again after a month-long break. I needed to reassure myself they are not entirely out of shape. Hence I could not get off early, I had to turn him down. I will be able to watch most of the performance tomorrow, both in the matinee and night performance. From the little I caught at the tail end of Passion Flower, I think Hooi Koon did a great job at choreography. [more to report after tomorrow]

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