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A mini Rant

What does it mean to serve? (not the kind where one does with a racquet) I sometimes wonder if people know the meaning anymore. The particular serving I mean is in the context of serving God and church.

Does one serve when it's convenient? Or do one serve EVEN when it's not convenient? There were so many occasions when I find people telling me, "sorry, can't do it because it's not on my way", or "I said can last time because I have transport but now I have to find other means, I can't"

If Christ says, "Sorry, I can't come down to earth to die for you. It is too inconvenient. I prefer to sit on my throne beside God", where will we be now? Rotting in hell, that's where we will be. No, no, sorry, I am wrong. Not rotting in hell. It's too hot to rot. We'll be burnt to the crisp!

To serve God is such a privilege. I do not understand why some people think it's such a chore. When one loves someone, one can't help but do things for the beloved. He is my Beloved and I always look upon my service as an offering for Him.

What about other aspects of serving? Serving our family, friends and community? Will we do it because it's convenient or because it suits our time-table? Why do we cook for a sick friend? Will we do the grocery for an elderly person because she cannot do it herself? Or will we say, "Let her daughter do it lah. She got daughter wat. So why should I do it?"

In my opinion, if it does not cost you anything, it is nothing. It is not a service if it does not cost you time/money/effort/love/care or thought. Have you served?

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Good! I like that, it should be published in the Cutting edge of the church, so we can me MORE AWARE of what we actually DOING or SERVING HIM!
October 11, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAng
Ya, should publish this in church...send it in!
October 11, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJi Jian
Missing the point, guys. Rants do not have a place in the Cutting Edge.
October 12, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterKaty
I know what you're saying, Katy. But to be frank, it may be a bit too much for many people to accept if serving in ministry involves too much inconvenience.

We shouldn't only serve out of convenience, but we can't possibly continue to serve in the face of overwhelming inconvenience unless it is truly a divine calling.

An example would be, say, Mother Theresa. How many of us can endure what she has endured unless we've personally heard the leading of God's voice?

I, for one, am totally sold on the idea of applying drama to God's word. You know me - I would bend over backwards and even sacrifice time with my family to attend a rehearsal. I've sacrificed family dinners to run rehearsals. I can do this because my wife understands and supports me, and because - most importantly - I still have passion.

How many people who want to get involved in drama can honestly say they would sacrifice the same? (To those other than Katy: Please understand, I'm not beating my own drum here, yar?)

BUT, even I would draw the line somewhere. I'm not sure what or where the line is but I imagine it'll surface one day. Unless, of course, I hear the voice of God urging me on.

So, what's driving me on in ministry right now isn't a divine calling. It doesn't involve a lot of hardship on my part. In fact, I must admit I often find it pleasant. But I imagine one day the inconvenience will be too much for me to bear. Am I making sense?

I guess what I'm really trying to say is, whether or not we'd like to admit it or not, most of us (read, the overwhelming majority) are serving in ministry for one of the following:

(a) out of convenience, or
(b) out of enjoyment, or
(c) out of personal gain.

Of course we also serve because we love Jesus but it would still include one of the above three factors.

Let me try to clarify myself with one last example: There is absolutely no one in CAMM who I can sincerely see who is serving out of a divine calling. Everyone is in CAMM for one of the above three reasons.

That's my opinion, however any of you want to interpret it. Which is not to say that any of the above-mentioned reasons are particularly evil or vile or immoral. It Just Is.

Btw, I'm not feeling cynical this evening, just a little analytical, that's all. :)

I wonder if they'll also print this comment alongside your post in the next Cutting Edge?
October 12, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJulian
Ju: I know where you are coming from and I am definitely not Mother Theresa-like. We all have our limits. Maybe I should clarify my little rant. I am ranting because of a minority few who wont lift a finger or peel their bums of a seat unless it's along their way. They appear only when it suits them.
People WILL have their personal reasons for serving. But I maintain if the reason is does not cost you anything then it's not serving.
October 12, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterKaty
David himself said "I will not offer up a sacrifice to Him which cost me nothing."

Sacrifices made for service can be big or small, but since the Bible says it pleases God, it should be worth it.

Otherwise, the 3 reasons Ju mention would also put things into perspective. The best result comes from everyone in the group doing whats best for themselves and the group, right? So, if it pleases God, blesses the church and still gives you personal gain and enjoyment, why not?

I think Aunt Katy is just sore about some people are counting the cost without knowing the reward. It's ok, just give them some time. Maybe they will be enlightened someday when they can finally see the magnitude of sheer joy of serving despite the cost of the sacrifices.

But seriously, Aunt Katy, just do some editing and you can transform this rant into an article about service that will shake some sleepy people awake.
October 12, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJi Jian
I want to add one point, this article should be send to those who getting PAID for doing minitries in METRO.
October 12, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAng
Ang, I don't get your point. Are you referring to the people in full-time ministry or the people who are working in church?

And why are you singling them out?
October 12, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJulian
Both. I dont know what you mean by 'singling'. If I didnt guess wrongly, my answer answer for 'singling' them out IS "If I want to tell, I will not comment here... I will send a copy of ENLARGE version of the text become A3 size and in my own writing I send straight to the church."
October 13, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAng
eh...lost in translation...

Ang, are you sore with the way the church admin ministry is being run?

I think Aunt Katy's post is about the service ministry like CAMM...
October 13, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJi Jian
Ang: Singling = Pointing finger directly

So, why are you pointing fingers at both the pastoral staff and also the admin staff in church?

Are you saying they are serving / working in Metro purely out of convenience? Because that is what the gist of Katy's post is about. If that's what you are saying then I think you need to - pardon me - get your head examined.

I've known almost all of the full-time staff in Metro since 1991. I cannot honestly say that anyone of them are less than God-fearing and honest people.

If you want to comment, please comment clearly rather than just 'drop hints' here and there, especially if you want to point fingers. Sorry if I come across as brusque, but it's very irritating otherwise.

Katy, sorry for the long-windedness.
October 13, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJulian
October 13, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAng
If that's your attitude, then you shouldn't have bothered to comment in the first place.
October 13, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJulian
My goodness, I don't log on for a day and so much has happened.
For everybody's info, I am not 'attacking' anybody specifically. I am just ranting. And most definitely, NOT the pastoral and admin staff in our church. If anything at all, they have my greatest admiration. Most of the time, they go an extra mile if they feel that it's necessary.
I am not even ranting about people in CAMM or any service ministry. In fact, I am not targetting at any groups ( I repeat myself).
If you guys want to know, the person I am ranting about do not belong to any groups or particular service ministry. It is just somebody I know, and hey, before anybody speculate, the person might not even be in Metro!

October 14, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterKaty
I still think its a fine post for cutting edge though shake awake some idling people to start serving.
October 15, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJi Jian
Katy, I think your post is perfectly clear. You don't have to 'disavow' yourself from it.

You said what you felt you had to say - good for you.

I may not necessarily agree 100% with what you say but that doesn't take away your right to say it.

If you say something, stand by it. You did. No need to clarify what was already clear to begin with.
October 16, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJulian
I am fire starter.So come, let your bom fall over me....
October 16, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAng

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