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I'll bet this happens to everybody or does it?

In my 10 months of PTS, most of my interaction with the trainees were via the email and telephone. But it always seemed to me, whenever I urgently need to receive their assignments, the Internet is on the blink. I have already finished all the Assessment Visits and all the reports and grading is done *patting myself on the back* . All that is left is to print them out, sign them and send them off to London. So there I was, happily printing them last night. I had done all but 2 when the printer did a 'sudden death'. Not kidding. One minute, it was purring contentedly, beautifully printed pages were gently flowing out from its mouth and then suddenly I get messages like "Error................print"

I did all the usual things. Off and On. Restart. Check the paper tray Shaken the toner (complete with singing, "Shake, shake, shake, shake your booty........) In fact, I did all but the Julian treatment (see below) Then, at last, I gave up. I thought perhaps the printer felt overworked and unappreciated, so I shut down and gave it a rest. Yeap, it's been working very hard the past few weeks.

This afternoon, I switched it on again, hoping to finish off the last 2 reports. "Error..............print" I climbed up on a chair ( my printer is on the top and  being vertically challenged, I cannot see the top) and lo and behold, I saw the 'Toner' sign lit up. No more toner? Cannot be, so fast? Then again, I HAVE been printing a lot these days. I lamented to several people on Messenger and a kind friend actually dropped everything and brought his inkject over so that I can finish the 2 darn reports. (Terima Kasih)

But where am I going with this posting? What I mean to say is, how come things like that always happen? Whenever one is in a rush, there's always a massive jam. When I have a few days of rest coming up, I always fall sick. When I think I have a whole day with absolutely nothing to do, there's suddenly a gazillion  things to attend to. The whole morning when I am at home, it's bright and sunny, the minute I go off to pick Alison from school, which is about 10 minutes both ways, it pours and the 95% dry laundry is now 80% wet.

The Julian Treatment: My friend, Ju believes that machines are made to be of service to us, which is entirely true. He also believes that if they misbehave, one has to 'show them who's boss'. Translation - whack them a little. If that does not work, whack them a lot. No kidding, I have seen the Treatment and it worked provided the machine is still intact. However, he also practises favouritism. He never whacks his Nintendo consoles.  


Reader Comments (4)

My Nintendos always work flawlessly and hence need no 'treatment'.

My policy, to elaborate a little, is that if the machine ain't gonna print/scan/burn/do whatever as and when I want it to, it doesn't deserve to live.

October 18, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJulian
wow...the first one the Terminators would come after would be Ju if Skynet ever comes to power :P
October 19, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJi Jian
reminds me of what happened in my office in the last couple of days.
firstly, on tuesday, one of the office printers refuses to co-operate; somemore it was brand-new (less than 2 months old), heavy duty pinwriter. no matter how much of coaxing, to the extend of getting the recalcitrant printer attached to another pc, it just wld not co-operate! had to call in the technician.
alamak! the circuit board, burnt!
on wednesday, we thot another pinwriter "bite the dust". this time the printer was older. attached to another pc.
did the same kongfu, shiaolin stuff, nothing happened! I was abt to give up and throw the printer down the staircase!
SUDDENLY! lo and behold! i pressed one particular switch! ITS ALIVE! so dumb! the printer was connected yet not connected to run! pinwriters have this particular way of getting the "best" out of its users. somemore i bought the first one above that is heavyduty, prints from front, back and under! and can "hantam" 7 plys of paper without loss of quality! unlike laser, pinwriters have more buttons! for what, huh? u may ask? i also dont know!
October 20, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterjonathan
I used the 'Julian Treatment' on my CPU last night and it worked :p
October 20, 2006 | Registered CommenterKaty

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