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My Grandma

I was browsing through a whole lot of DVDs for my supply when I came across some titles which took me back to my childhood days. These are Chinese movies my mum, aunts and grandmother used to watch. I selected a few titles which looked familiar as gifts for my mum and aunt.

There was a particular title which brought back memories of my grandma, The 14 Amazons.14 amazons.jpg It was one of the rare occasions when my grandmother took me to the cinema.  Unfortunately, I do not have a single picture of my Ah Por (Grandma) She was a formidable woman. The real stuff, made in China. I remembered her being very big. She wore size 8 shoes. In those days, women were tinier. She passed away when I was 14.

Ah Por only spoke the Hakka dialect. One of the distinctive things I remembered about her was her colourful language. Her conversations were littered with profanity. Every other word was a 'swear' word. I think, by God's Grace only, was I prevented from picking up that trait.

She will wake up early every morning and spent hours in the bathroom, tying her hair. She did not have a single hair out of place. She had a very effective way of removing 'baby fine hair' around the face and on the nape. She used a piece of string.I wish I remembered how she did it. She was always immaculately dressed in silk samfoo. She washed her own clothes and they were always starched. I even remember the crisp crackle that her clothes used to make when she walk by. I remembered the trousers being able to 'stand' on their own when they were dry. She will spend a long time ironing them. In fact, on the day she suffered a massive stroke, she was squatting on floor ironing. She did everything squatting on the floor.  

My Ah Por's favourite TV series was WWF and Star Trek. She also enjoyed a series called vttbots.jpgVoyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Mmmmmmmmmmm, the thought suddenly occurred to me that my grandma was a Trekkie! She would squat right in front of the TV and nobody else would be able to see anything. In the later years, I concluded that she was probably short-sighted but nobody knew. It was quite a scene when WWF was on. Ejaculations like "Beat the **** out of him" in Hakka and in more colourful terms was common.

When she passed away, she left a big void in our lives. In fact, till today, my mum or aunt will say things like, "Ah Por would have said this, or Ah Por would have done that................" 



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cute...sounds a lot like my great grandma...
October 23, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJi Jian

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