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Chinese New Year 2006

Also to be known as the Year Of The Dog (yup! Wookie's year!)

The Clan
Celebrations began on Saturday with my family gathering for lunch. Traditionally, it's the New Year's Eve dinner but mum prefers to have lunch and we have very much done it that way for a good many years now. I rather like that because, after lunch, we can hang out, catch up a little longer since we have the whole afternoon, whereas if it's dinner, kids get sleepy and we have to rush home.

As usual we had heaps of food. We also brought Wookie along for the fun since he IS a member of the family.Joshua loves him and so does Jason. Adam prefers to love him from a distance. More Pictures here.

The next day, on New Year's day, Alison and I were on tambourine duty. So we got to church early. The service was a really short one. Our Pastor knows that quite a few of the members have to rush off. Right after that, we set off for a whole day of visitation. Aunts, Uncles..................We only got back late at night. Poor Wookie. He was alone the whole day.

Yesterday, we went out for dinner. We had Yee Sang which is raw fish (do I hear a yucks from you, Julie?), shark's fin soup (maybe a double yucks?), a yam dish and a spinach. I think I had too much to drink and felt so sleepy. I went straight to bed after. But all four of us had a scrumptious time. Pictures - Here.

This year we had quite a few people over for dinners, drinks and generally a lot of catching up. A sort of no agenda, come as and when you wish and stay as long as you like (as long as it does not encroach on my bedtime!)

Of course, the focus was on our new addition to the family...........Wookie. This little fella do know how to wriggle his way into people's heart. He has had most of our visitors eating out of his hand, oops, paws. Or perhaps, a better way to put it will be HIM eating out of everybody's hand. Kirsten calls him 'Wookie' so accurately now. She still maintain mmmmmm ma for her Godma (I wail!)

This evening, Wookie did something which he has never ever done before and I hope he will never do all about it here.

I have another day off tomorrow and on Friday, go back to work. 'sigh'. Good things never lasts.

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