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I borrowed the word from Sue Jan. I suppose it should be rambling randomness. I had a friend once, who will ramble on almost incoherently and when asked, "what was that?"

"Don't mind me, I'm just rambling on" Then he'll break into the song, Rambling Rose. Now I should break into Rambling Rose.

Friday had been one of those headless chicken day. I went to the maid agency again, handed in all the necessary stuff. When I got there, I realised that I had left 1 document at home.......@$^$#^&^ Andrew will fax it to them tomorrow, so I don't need to run down again. I rushed back to pick Alison from school but was caught in a massive traffic jam. I am not exaggerating when I say MASSIVE! I hardly moved 200m in half an hour. Rang Cui Xin and she helped me get poor Ali from school.

Yesterday (Saturday) was packed too - with classes. I taught from 9AM till 6.30PM. Thank God, Bee Hong and I exchanged classes and I was able to get 1/2 hour break. All I did in that 1/2 hour was sit down, ate my butter bun and read an old issue of Reader's Digest. That was good. After that, I got my 2nd wind.

Today, we took Wookie for grooming again. We can't see his eyes anymore. For the past week, we had his fur tied up. But it's a bit of a trouble to do so everyday. He just won't keep still and most of the time, it just looks a mess. When we got to the pet shop, he shivered so much that he peed! I was carrying him then but did not realise it until I nearly step on his pee. Poor fella, he must be thinking, "Mummy, do go, don't leave me here." When we went to collect him, he showered us with licks, of course.

Had dinner at my sister's tonight. Pa asked, " Where's The Dog?" (that's what he and mum calls Wookie) 

"At home."

"You left him all alone at home?!!"

"Pa, he's a dog, he CAN stay at home alone"

Do I detect certain grand paternity feelings from him?

Enjoyed sis' newly renovated house. It's a lot more spacious.

going batty
Oh ya, nearly forgot. Found a dead bat in my laundry area. Yup, a dead bat. My house and its surrounding area is quite a wildlife sanctuary. We have bats, monitor lizards, a pair of musang (civet cats) and of course the usual array of rats, cats and so on. Andrew also have heaps of South American fishes. The bat was just lying there on the the floor - dead.

And ya, Wednesday night, another makan night. Cui Xin, Su-Anne, Bee Hong, Hui Ann, Poh Lynn and I went to 'loh sang' plus ate loads of other stuff too. Yup, we really 'stuffed' ourselves.  


Met up with Amy on Thursday. She's just had a baby boy. His name is Erwin and he is GORGEOUS! His Marmee said that he's a guzzler. No wonder he's thriving so well. I talked to him and he listened to me so earnestly...........cute 


He's a picture of Wookie in a very ungraceful and totally must-be-censored pose.  As he grows older, he's getting more demanding. Demanding to go for car rides, demanding for playtime, demanding for attention, demanding for fur ruffling time. Help! There's a monster in the house!


Oh ya, students in Grade Six class got yelled at. Something like, "Don't make me angry. You won't like me when I am angry.  If you don't know this by next week, you can summon all the angels in heaven and they won't be able to help you either!" lots of other stuff lah. How come talking nice don't get things going? After the yells, they 'suddenly' remembered the exercise.

Nobody wants to teach my Pre-Primary class. They are a lot of fun but they are also a lot of work! Comment from one of the Advanced girls on Wednesday, after the PP class, "Teacher, your hair!
I think I could go for Einstein look-alike. Look like, konon lah, not like.

Random, rambling...................................going to sleep. 


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more like mumbling......
February 13, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterjonathan

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