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How was my weekend?

Internet connections are the pits these days. It’s so iffy. And almost all nights, one cannot get online at all.

Every Friday, I dread the weekend. Well, I dread Saturday, to be precise. It’s such a long day.

On Friday evening, a few of the Grade 8 girls told me they can’t make it for their last coaching session in the morning. For some reason or the other, they had to go back to school. So what can I do? Show must go on, sessions had been arranged weeks ago and it’s definitely not fair to the others whom have made arrangements to come for them.

So Saturday was teach, teach, teach…………………… A little worried because ‘gut feeling’ tells me exam is going to be early this year. My ‘gut feeling’ had not been wrong before.

One little girl in my Pre-Primary class at last made an appearance after more than 3 months of MIA (missing in action) Another in Grade 6 have disappeared for a month! Yet another came back after 2 months. Her mummy had a baby and confinement and recuperation after giving birth seemed to include daughter too.

Mega Stressed! How can I ensure kids do well in their exams when they are not even around for me to teach?

Anyway, back to teach, teach, teach………………….. polishing, repeating, cleaning up……….getting right down and dirty, placing all dancers under microscope. I must say, after so many years of teaching, I have learnt that I can do so much. The rest is up to the students and that I must NOT get frustrated, well, not too frustrated, at least.

Alison’s sick. Was sick since Thursday. But insisted on going to school on Friday, the day of sports rehearsal.

“Li, you better not go to school.”

“But I want!”

“It’s sports rehearsal. It’s going to be hot and you’ll be in the hot sun.”

“I’ll stay out of the sun.”

“I think you’ll get worse”

“But I WANT!”

“Ok, fine………go”

That was in the morning.

By afternoon, when I went to pick her up, a very pale and sickly looking girl walked to the car.

“Mummy, I want to go and see the doctor.”

“Worse now, right?”


Now whomever says, Mum’s always right is probably a mum.

Saturday evening. David was at basketball. Alison looking every bit of a sick cat slept in my room. So Andrew and I went out for dinner. He tried to hold a conversation with me but I had used up all my talking quota for teaching – no breath left to keep it in a decent volume to be heard. Well, at least not before food.

Julian came over to pass me the competition CDs. Kirsten wanted to see ‘Ah Ki’ So I carried her in (both the girls, Meg and Kirst were already in jammies) They had a whale of a time with Wookie. Kirsten thinks Godma’s house is a regular zoo, with Ah Ki, fishes and so on. They had so much fun they could not wake up for the 1st service in church today.

I overslept too. Set the alarm to wake David up in time for his King’s Kids duty but forgot to reset it.

Wookie went for grooming. He peed AGAIN as I took him into the shop. I hope he does not make it a habit. Fella in the shop was not too pleased. This time it was one long trail of pee as I carried him in. Of course, being a dramatic pup, he shivered like lamb to the slaughter. Perhaps, it felt like lamb to the slaughter to him.

When we picked him up, if joy can be measured with a counter, the mercury would have exploded beyond the gauge. Then Andrew dropped me in Section 9 for my Dance Society’s AGM.

The Dance Society of Malaysia’s AGM

No quorum but we went ahead.

Some old faces gone and a few new ones. Notably missing is Yupin.*sob* She’s always such a great help. But she promised she’ll be back next year. Taking a year off to set some things in order. Ok. Perhaps, next year it’ll be my turn for a sabbatical. I am STILL the Competition Chairperson. *sigh* Will I be stuck with it forever? Anyway, told Sunny, should anything happen to me, all templates in the computer. David just need to extract them for him.

Sunny was supposed to drop me at the LRT station after dinner but he was so engrossed in our conversation and made a turn for KL. He then decided to send me all the way home. Yay!

Wookie decided he has not seen me for days and showered me with licks. Phew!

Then we began a VERY long fetch/grab session. Of course it’s not complete without lots of hugs and rubs and squeezes.

And , ya, I finished my Golden Sun once more. Took me 3 tries to beat that stupid Fusion Dragon. I am going on to my Lost Age quest just as soon as I finish this post (which I am typing with Word and intend to post up tomorrow because stupid Internet cannot be connected)

Ahhhhhhhhh, Golden Sun, Lost Age beckons……….

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