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Mum Fell

On Friday night, halfway through Grade 5 class, Dad called. 1st he told me not to panic, then he told me mum fell in the evening.

Now, how was I to not panic???? He then told me to call him again after I finish teaching. How could I wait till I finish??? I immediately popped my head into the next class where Cui Xin was teaching, told her I have to leave because mum fell."Yes, yes, go! I'll combine the classes for the remaining time" she said.

Rushed home to get Andrew to drive me down because I am not good at such situations. I cannot keep my heart steady enough to drive safely. 

When we got there. Mum was ok. She fell, yes but Dad panicked because she was speaking incoherently and that was not due to the fall but to hypoglycemia. *relief* Then she got a mega lecture from Dad and I.

Apparently, she was at my brother, Steven's new place. She went up the stairs herself, without the maid. Totally unwise. So, the lecture ended with me giving her the option, should it happen again ( using the stairs without anybody with her, not the falling), she's forbidden to go to Steven's.

Mum's going to be 70 next month. She fell a whole 9 steps! All she got was a bump on her head and a little scratch on her forearm! I consider it a miracle and I thank God for it. A few years ago, she fell when she missed the chair and broke her thigh bone. There were numerous other little incidents that's left sprains, cuts and stuff on her. When she broke her bone, our doctor put her on a very expensive medication which costs about RM63 per tablet and she was required to take only 1 a week. Obviously the 'oh-so-expensive' medicine helped.

We were having dinner at Steven's tonight and after dinner, we had a great laugh about it. We marvelled at the fact she's totally alright and how fantastic the little tablet is. I told mum on my next visit, I should tell the doctor how great the medication is. I am sure doctors like feedback of when a particular medication works. Then, I asked mum how come she did not try to roll down 2 flights of steps. Then perhaps the doctor can document the fantastic effectiveness of the medication and then perhaps the company will give a huge complimentary box to mum and since mum needs only 4 a month, the rest of us will consume them for her. And we'll have a whale of a time with the whole family tumbling down the stairs!


Reader Comments (3)

PHEW......GLAD she's ok..
February 5, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterpL
Yeah, me too!
February 5, 2006 | Registered CommenterKaty
jack and jill family kah?
February 6, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterjonathan

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