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This time from Ji Jian .

Rule 1: List 5 weird or random things about yourself.

1. Always wash my feet before I go to bed. If for whatever reason I need to get out of bed, I wash  them again.
2. Must have a round of Nintendo before I sleep.
3. Choreographs most of my dances while driving.
4. Prefers children's books.
5. Have pierced ears but do not wear earrings.
6. Talks to myself quite a fair bit.
7. Always wanted to bungee jump

Rule 2: 5 people whom I want to do the quiz.

1. Jasmine
2. Sue Jan
3. SueMae
4. June
5. Tabby

I have on the list, a few unlikely people.............mmmmm, it'll be interesting if they read this tag on my blog. Some of them are not the usual suspects for regular guests here (at least, not that I know of). There was another rule that one has to inform the person, but i think it's more interesting this way. Yes, I totally agree with you JJ. 

There, homework done. 

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