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New Maid

This morning, I went to the maid agency to select a new maid for Mum. Her present maid, Yuni, will be going home next week. I went to the flat, picked her up and proceeded to TTDI. Throughout the journey, I tried to call the agency to get some directions/landmarks but nobody picked up the phone. (frustration)

When I did get through, I had past the area and had to go all the way again(irritation). When I was on the phone trying to get directions, mum kept shaking my shoulders trying to get my attention, talking at the same time. She was doing this while I was driving in an unfamiliar area and whilst on the phone (irritation 2x)

We did find the place, I dropped her and Yuni off and went to get parking. No parking. Now why is that NOT surprising. (more frustration)

The agency is obviously still in Chinese New Year mood. Only 2 staff. Bio datas of potential maids were far and few (probably also due to CNY) Mum and I had difference of opinion on how to select maids. She wanted old but her choice was ridiculously old. So I left it to her, since she's going to have to live with her for 2 years.

Then down to the nitty, gritty details, documents, processing etc. I asked quite a few questions and I did not get satisfactory answers. I hate the system of maid employment here.

Q: What happens when maid runs away?

A: Blah, employer has to pay a personal bond of RM250 to the government.

Comment: Maid runs away, employer gets punished! This RM250 is on top of some other charges.

Q: What if we are not satisfied with the performance of the maid?

A: Bring her back and we will counsel her.

Q: What happens if we are still not satisfied with her, if she steals or cannot perform certain tasks which in her bio data has already stated she's able to do so?

A: You can exchange for another maid but you must pay blah, blah and blip!

Comment: Employer again gets punished.

Processing: I called 2 weeks ago, to get details of what is required. Some documents were left out. I have to go again. (****) This agency is on the other side of town. I am using them because mum wants the same agency as my aunt. And since Mum did cheat certain disaster last week plus the fact she's old, I thought I'll let her have her way. There's also the fact that ALL documents needed Andrew's signature. Never mind the fact that I am employing the maid for Mum. ALL documents needed husband's signature. I am just a 2nd class citizen. I so have to take all the forms back for his signature and bring them back to the other side of **** town.

On the way back, Mum wants to stop by at Section 17 to 'tar pau' curry laksa for lunch. I was to drop her at my brother's. (A detour - drat!) Pressed for time, have to pick Alison from school at 1PM. Got to the shop, the stall is not open (@#$^&)

After dropping her at Steven's, I crawled my way back to Melawati. Traffic was very heavy. Weather is hot. The fact that for many days running, my blood glucose count was way too high didn't help. It is frustrating to know that I have done all I can to control it and yet it still shoots way beyond 'happy zone'. Frustrating to take medication and feel lousy (Meds have side-effects) If like that, maybe I should just go off my meds and go about my merry way and feel better. Take also so high, might as well don't take!

Excuse me for being a Grouch! Excuse me for being a sickly 2nd class citizen Grouch. Think I am entitled to several 'Grouch' days a year and this is one of them.


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Thank you for doing this for mum and hope your blood glucose level will come to a 'happy zone'.
April 9, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterKee

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