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Wookie-New Look

It has been ages since I put up a Wookie post. Nope, not for lack of stories or incidents. But things have just been creeping up on me. Competition, for example, we have had the closing date. I have been busy checking, compiling data and sending off the cds and Form B. 90 contestants this year! To quote my Pastor, it's a good problem. Now I will have to figure out how I am going to fit them all in to 3 days. Not to mention the headache of trying to squeeze everybody in to the programme without reducing the pictures to thumbnail,oops, little pinkynail size.

11 March (before)
Ok, back to Wooks.  Today, Andrew and I took him for another grooming session. His fur has grown so thick and luxurious. He is not exactly a 'stand still and groom me' kind of puppy. I have so much trouble brushing him and his fur gets tangled. Again, it was a tough decision but nevertheless, a good one. It'll take him a few months before the fur grows out again, but at the meantime, it'll be easier to take care of him. 

19 March (after)
He is , indeed, a bundle of joy. His vocabulary has increased quite a bit. He recognises words like, 'gai gai' (car rides), ball-ball (his favourite green ball) and of course , 'play'. When he goes 'gai gai' he has to take his 'ball-ball' with him. I suppose, in his little puppy brain he thinks that if he gets to go out, his favourite pal, the 'ball-ball' gets to go too.

He has been to the shop for grooming quite a few times already but every time he goes in to the shop, he pees! Wait, let me back up a bit. He will be in my arms, when we approach the shop, he began to shiver. It's not one of your regular little shiver thingy. I am talking big time all over the body shake. Then when we walk into the shop, he pees!

When he did it the 1st time, I did not even know it was him. I placed him into a cage and nearly stepped into a puddle of pee.  "Hey, there's pee on the floor."

"Oh, sorry, must have been the  other dog just now."

Then I noticed trickles of pee on my arm. Oh no! it's my own pup! Hence, after that, they are eveready with the mop. Today was no different, he peed again. It's a different story when we go and pick him up. Not one dry spot on my face. The shower of licks made sure of that.

As all of you might have guessed, I am very much in love. Define love?

Well, I think of him all the time, wondering what he is doing, if he is missing me (he always is). I will wonder if he's eaten, if he's lonely. I will also wonder if he's asleep or awake.

It's definitely LOVE! 


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