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My internet broadband service provider SUCKS!

I cannot connect. And when I can, I cannot open browser windows, I cannot download my mail. It just sort of have a sluggish lazy river on a hot summer day feeling.

Sometimes, it feels like constipation. It comes out in spurts.  When it goes on 'Spurt' mode, you better quickly download all your mail, reply them and send them off.

And if you want to post anything on the blog, you better stay up late till the middle of the night to do so!  Perhaps this service provider is owned by Dracula. Goodness knows, they act like one. A month ago, they disconnected my service citing that I had not paid my bills when in fact I did. They are very quick with the axe but when one is faced with problems, it takes weeks and yet it's still not rectified.

 My work is affected, David's assignments are falling behind, Alison cannot do her projects. Only person who's not concerned about it is probably Andrew and perhaps Wookie.

I don't even know I am able to upload this............................... AAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggg!!!!

Maybe I will go back to my dialup service provider.

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