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What A Muddle

Text Messages between Yupin and I yesterday.

Yupin:Eelyn is back meetin her 2morrow at 10.30 at lake club can u make it? 

Me: Can. Where at club?

Yupin: Buttery

I woke up late today, rushed to do everything, jumped into the car and proceeded to Lake Club. Setapak way was JAMMED! I inched my way on. At 10.40, I was still stuck.

Messaged Yupin.

Me: So sorry. Going to be a little late. Traffic bad.

Yupin called: Hey, it's tonight! I meant 10.30PM not AM. I am so sorry, I did not type the PM. I thought you will know. So can you make it?

Me: (laughing at the mixup)  Yeah, sure. No worries. I'll see you then.

What a muddle. Now I have the whole day in front of me. I made my way to Sungai Wang area, wandered around a bit, had a leisurely lunch whilst eavedropping on the table behind me. I can't help it if people speak so loud, right?

It is rather nice, though, to have a whole day in front of me, which absolutely no agenda. Felt very holiday-ish. The tonight, after dinner, I took a shower, got ready to go out again. Andrew asked, "Where are you going?"

"There........ that AM/PM date I have with Yupin" 


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