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Randomness 2

Someone asked, "Your broadband still behaving like narrowband?" (not the exact words but to that effect) "No wonder you have not been blogging"

Yes, and due to other stuff as well. The days were so full, it left me exhausted and in bed before 12 for most nights. "What! Katy in bed before 12??????!!!!" ( that's the exclamation of some of my wee hour chat kakis)

Last week I went for 4 PTS visits. (Don't ask me what is that! Refer to previous posting on that matter) One was on a Sunday and the other three on Tuesday. On hindsight, 3 was a little too much. I came home 'zombiefied'. But really enjoyed them.

Days were littered with private coaching for the coming exams, training for competitions, loads of extra classes for that drat exam and, loads and loads of paperwork. Yup! Paperwork for the school, PTS reports and COMPETITION ENTRIES!

Poh Lynn checked through the competitors' data. "Teacher, who entered the data for you?"

"Me lah. Why?"

"He he, I think you really need reading glasses lah. So many mistakes"

Speaking of reading glasses, I think perhaps I should attach a pair for each competitor in future. Why can't people read the rules and regulations carefully. When it says, '...before April 14, 2006' it means BEFORE! April 15 is AFTER! *sigh*

It was Easter weekend last. Metro choir presented a powerful Cantata. I could not go on Friday (classes). Saturday was their 2nd and last presentation. Well done. The tambourine team was given only 2 weeks to come up with 2 dance presentations. I think they did well too, despite having so little time. 

My Internet connections? For all you concerned friends out there, it has improved. Never as good as before but definitely not as bad as it was a few weeks ago. The whole matter has caused many a migraine days. It has also made me think violent and murderous thoughts.  I thought of surfing for bomb-making web sites but I had NO internet connections to do so! It would not have been so maddening if not for the fact that I had to deal with their tech support. They are actually tech NO-support. Wookie had been wonderful. A true Cheong! A few days ago, the bills came. I opened them and left them on the dining table. The wind blew them to the floor and he chewed up the broadband bill! Wondering if these were his thoughts, "You caused my mummy so much anguish. She don't need to pay you. I shall now chew you up!"

Speaking of which, previously before Wookie, we thought the statement, "My dog ate my homework" was pretty incredulous. But now, with Wookie around, we know it's probable. He chews on anything!. He's going to be one in less than 2 weeks time. We are definitely having a party. 

Ramblings, ramblings..................... Don't know when I will put up another post. Days going to be very packed for the next few weeks.  



Reader Comments (2)

Finally see an update. Miss your postings and ramblings :D
April 19, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJi Jian
finally got noise from ur blog..

ramblings, updates..

party for wookie? can i bring a cat? teach him to be a gentleman like Lucky.

April 23, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterpohlynn

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