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The Week That Was

I have not been regular, I know I know. It's because my internet connection mega-sucked over the past week. It still sucks but not as 'sucky' as before. Dare I hope it'll improve?

I figured it's pointless for me to try and upload any posts. It'll just sit there in a perpetual limbo while I rave and rant. David did not sleep for 48 hours straight. He was trying to finish his college assignments. I think the only thing that prevented him from yanking out the modem and throwing it to the huge monsoon drain opposite my house was his Mum's wrath. My wrath will probably come from the fact that HE did it and I didn't.

We celebrated Mum and Dad's birthday last Sunday. I was out the whole afternoon doing a PTS Visit so I rang Andrew to remind him to bring a bottle of wine  and the camera to dinner. He remembered the bottle, in fact he brought 2, but he forgot the camera *sigh*

It was good to get together again. Met my brother, Richard's girlfriend, Esther. Very nice girl. I hope the clan did not scare her too much. Adam, as usual is a darling. Andrienne, my SIL (sister-in-law) could not join us because she is still undergoing treatment. Joshua will be one years old next week. He is so cute. Jason gave us a scare last Friday. Complaint of very bad headache. His mum took him to the doctor and the doctor suggested MRI.

I went for an MRI before and it scared me bad. I felt as if I was entering a tunnel/coffin. It made me really claustrophobic. When the scanning began, it sounded as if I am in line of a firing squad with machine guns shot at me. Told Michelle that. Did not want Jason to undergo unnecessary trauma and also to prepare my sister so that she can help him cope. Turned out he was a lot braver than 'Tai Yee" (me) All I can say is, I will not go for another MRI unless it's triply necessary.

We had BBQ tonight. Chin2 bought a new BBQ set. Andrew and I set it up. All I can is, one needs an engineering degree to set it up and I managed to do it. Andrew got busy setting up the fire. When the food was ready, everybody swarmed to them after a short ice-breaking session. Andrew spoke and told our friends how God has been good to us. Very nice and simple testimony indeed. Food was attacked with gusto. Later (much later) after everybody had their fill, most of us sat around like python with a goat in the belly - sluggish, slow, moving minimally.

Needless to say, we had a great time. Food was good but the company was even better. Poor Wookie was locked up in David's room the whole night. I was not too worried about him scaring the people. I was afraid he would get traumatised by the kids who will probably be over-enthusiatic about him.

Looking forward to a lazy, hazy day tomorrow, my last for a long time to come. Things are speeding up toward exams and competitions plus the next few weeks are littered with PTS visits. Yup, lazy, hazy tomorrow. 

Reader Comments (2)

Hey, call up tmnet to complain la...make LOTS of complaints like I did. I think I have to make 6-8 reports everytime. They get it fixed eventually... I still remember the number(telltale signs of a frequent troublemaker)
April 3, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJi Jian
Remember the number? I even remember the scripted questions and answers tech no-support give me. I am too old to waste my precious time with them. Everytime I talk to them I get migraine. Now I just go straight to TM Point and scold a 'face'. Talk on the phone no shiok.
April 3, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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