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Hair Colour

I have always coloured my hair. I began doing so when I was in college in London. Those days, I had a lot of time on my hands. (I did not know about Nintendo) My course essentially is a practical course. Lots of training, classes etc but required very little studying. Hence, evenings were long and lonely.

I watched a lot of TV, read a lot and experimented with hair colouring. I remember 1st time. I was so excited about it. I ran over to my house mate's room asking her if she thought the colour is nice. "Erm, you coloured your hair? I don't see any difference"

Undaunted, I continued to experiment. When I came home for my summer holidays, Mum noticed. "You coloured you hair? You want to die?" She did not mean it literally. In translation from the Chinese language, it just merely meant 'I do not approve.'

One must remember that was more than 20 years ago. In those days, nice girls just DON'T colour their hair. At least not in Malaysia. Furthermore, the solutions for hair colouring was a lot stronger and talks of them as cancer-causing agents were rampant. But I continued to experiment.

For years I have been doing it on my own. Last year, I took it a step further and had it done in a salon. It was not an experience I enjoyed. It was long and tedious, not to mention the costs. Yesterday, I coloured my hair again on my own. The old colour was turning sort of mousy-like.

I followed the instructions carefully and when it was done, I looked in the mirror. Oh! No! My hair is almost jet black! Well, not quite, but blacker than it ever was in my entire life. The label said, "Burgundy Brown". where's the burgundy and where's the brown?????

Just before class, June said, "Teacher, you coloured you hair?" It was evident. And evidently, she didn't like it. Neither do I. Somehow, black black is just not me.

So, when you see me and wonder if it's Katy trying to look young with black black hair, you know it's not true. It's just another Katy's Hair Experiment but one that's gone awry. 

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hahahahah June is too honest..hahahaaaaaaa ahahahhahahaha

i like your last paragraph..
haahahah aha chakaakah
April 23, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterpohlynn

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