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Fort Knox, Wangsa Melawati

A few weeks ago, one of my neighbour's house was broken into, and in broad daylight too. Andrew then decided to reinforce the house security.

Well, actually, the locks and bolts have always been there, but we just never lock them all, especially in the day. So, now everytime, whenever we go out, be it even a short trip just to the nearby 7-Eleven, we have to lock them all.

All = 2 locks on the wooden door, a padlock on the grill gate and the grill gate itself. On top of that, we padlock the front gate too. Andrew call our home "Fort Knox"

But last night, the grounds of "Fort Knox" was penetrated! I forgot to add that I have also placed pots upon pots of plants on the walls surrounding the front. This is to deter any potential thieves. They might think, "Celaka! So many pots"  and abandon the idea to climbing in.

On my way out this morning, I noticed 2 pots on the ground just outside the gate. I called Andrew. "Dear, did you move the pots down yesterday?" 

"No, why?"

Fear crept into my heart. Oh no! Someone tried to get in. We left some laundry on the porch last night because they weren't quite dry. I think something may have been stolen but cannot be quite sure yet because Alison did the laundry yesterday and I will have to ask her when she gets back from school.

Good news is, Fort Knox proper was NOT broken into. Yes, we will pay close attention to Andrew's naggings in future, instead of complaining about what a pain it is to lock up everything.

Bad news is, Wookie failed miserably as a guard dog. He will score 100% for being adorable, cute. He will score 110% for being playful but as a guard dog - ziltch! 

Reader Comments (2)

aiyah, what you expect of wookie, ah? she's only for 'pai leng' not the ferocious type. she nimbles not bites, she yaps not barks. so dont expect too much from her. maybe what u can do is tape up her yappings and get David to digitally modify it until it sounds ferocious, then play it loud a couple of times in the late nite to give notice to the would be thief that he will be devoured if he dares step near.that may work initially, then after a few weeks change modus operandi.....
April 24, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterjonathan
Jon, dear. She is a HE :) In case you didn't notice before. Come and verify! LOL!
April 25, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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