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Wookie Sick

Yesterday, my little furry baby was sick. He vomited numerous times. The poor fella walked around the house, trying to lie on all his favourite places hoping to get comfortable. But not 1 minute later got up and tried another spot.

Whenever he feels poorly, he will go into his cage. Perhaps in his little doggy mind, cage = discomfort and misery. Therefore, when he feels discomfort and misery, it is also equal to cage.

He puked twice and I rushed him to the vet. The vet could not find anything wrong with him so it’s back home and monitoring. Then he retched again and it’s off to the vet again. This time, she gave him an injection just in case it’s a bacterial infection. “Highly unlikely but we are covering all bases. It is probably something he ate”

‘Something he ate could mean a humongeous number of things. His regular food consists of dried leaves, newspapers, bugs, broadband bills……..

Anyway, after 2 visits to the vet and numerous number of pukes later, it was going to be a 12-hour fast. “Let his gut rest”, according to Dr. Sam.

We have never seen him so miserable before. He looked even more miserable than when he had to wear his space collar. Later in the evening, however, he got better and his tail fanned upwards again. He was even asking for a round of 'Fetch and Grab' from David.


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