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Wookie IS ONE!

Yup, my little furry baby is ONE. So much excitement tonight. Wait a minute! Tonight? Which meant 30th night? Well, we all could not wait.

This afternoon, Andrew and I took him for grooming. Well, he HAS to look nice for his birthday, right? Andrew refused to carry him in. He does not want to be known as the peeing dog's Daddy. Fortunately, when I took him in, he did not - pee I mean.

But when we went back to get him, he peed on the guy who works there! Then I saw an association. I handed him over to this lady earlier and he did not pee. The same lady took him out from the back and he did not pee but when she passed him over to this guy.......................... And this is the very same fella who's always there when he commits the 'crime'. So you see, it's not Wookie's fault. It's that fella. There must be something about him that makes Wookie pee! 

Back to the presents, you know about the thing that dog 'feels something in the air'? Well, it's true. As I was wrapping up his pressies, he was VERY excited. He could not have known what it was because he could not see on top of the dining table. But he must have fed off the excitement in the air. So, we decided to give them to him, just a few hours early.

He tore through to wrapping in just a few secs (He's a paper shredder, remember?) It was the red ball! He nuzzled at it, getting to know it. We then gave him the other present, a yellow egg-shaped chew toy. He loved that too! Then, David gave him a humongeous treat from Vicky. He took forever to finish that.

For the rest of the night, the poor boy could not decide which he love best. If he had been a king, he would have been a fair ruler. He tried to give each of his new toys equal share of attention. He even laid in-between them, almost equal distance away from each of them. And to show that he has not forgotten his faithful 'ball-ball', he had a round of 'fetch and grab' with David with it. It was almost comical to see him kinda confused, trying to decide.  

I took lots of pictures, of course. But the flu medication is kicking in and if I do not get into bed ASAP, I may just fall asleep right in front of the computer. Later! 

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Wah....the dog so bless that have an owner like you.
May 2, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAng

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