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The Week That Was Again.

May 5. Alison's birthday. Went out for Shakey's Pizza. Bought a nice cake for cell tonight.

May 6. Classes, classes and yet more classes. Tired.

May 7. YET MORE classes. Pianist was late. The bus she travelled in sort of crawled to KL. When she got here, I had to rush the Grade 5 class. Poor Zheng Yu. I thought he was about the collapse. If I was not teaching, I was cleaning up the studio and trying to make it presentable for exams. Tired.

May 8. 1st day exams. Discovered this year's examiner takes her job VERY seriously. So seriously that she frowns while concentrating. Oh but she smiles when she remembers to. A little on the strict side - no noise, no fidgeting no nothing.Tired.

May 9. Another day of exams. Tired, tired................. Took examiner to Royal Selangor. The annual pilgrimmage to that place for me.

May 10. LAST day of exams! Yahoo!!!! Short day. Dropped examiner back to hotel, went to Sungai Wang/ Low Yat area and spent a bomb. Took Cui Xin and Bee Hong to lunch. VERY nice. Came home and realised the dirty laundry piled up high!Tired.

May 11. Hung out the washing. Placed another load to wash. Discovered the 2nd load caked with MUD. Stupid waterworks decided to clean something and stupid me did not know. Taps dry. Cannot clean the muddy wash. 1st wash on the line drenched in rain when I had to step out for a while. Cannot cook - no water. WHAT A DAY OFF!Tired.

May 12. Window shopping the whole day. Sunny's birthday dinner. Heavy German meal. After that meal, I feel very German gestapo fraulein-like. Tired  

May 13. Classes, classes and MORE classes again. New work, have to teach in detail. TIRED!

May 14. Another PTS VISIT in the afternoon. Did I mention TIRED???????????? 

Reader Comments (2)

aiyoh - that's bad! Take care! The last time I was tired and stressed out - my BP went up the roof. Pretty bad ...
May 15, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterCindy
hmmm. Come over darling. I'll look after you until you feel better ok?
May 21, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJulie

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