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Happy Teachers' Day 2

Poh Lynn, "Teacher, are you free for lunch tomorrow?"

Me, "What time? 12? Can, I only need to pick Ali up from school at 1.10"

Poh Lynn, "Er, we are going to town so you won't be back on time. So how?"

Me, "David, can you pick your sis up from school tomorrow?"


Me,"Ok, can. Where are we going?"

Poh Lynn, "KLCC"

Me,"Ok. But KLCC where?"

Poh Lynn, "Tomorrow you'll know lah"

(Tomorrow already - which was yesterday)

I was duly picked up by Wan Tze in her brother's souped up Toyota Corolla. Poh lynn sat at the back with Bee Hong and made me sit in front, pretext of honoring an older person but I suspect ulterior motive which I will not go into now since that's not the subject at hand.

I was kidnapped to Chilli's. Kidnappers and conspirators were, Poh Lynn, Wan Tze, Bee Hong, Su-Anne, Cui Xin and Hui Ann. We had a scrumptious meal. And decided that Mexican food is not very different from Asian food. There was the Mushroom Fajitas 60135-341609-thumbnail.jpg
which looked like popiah. The manager actually had to walk over to our table to teach us how to eat it. We must have looked like kampung girls typically from an ulu place like Taman Melawati.

3 Seasons
We also had a starter which tasted and looked like one of those 4 Season thingy from wedding dinners. The girls loved the chicken salad but I am not so hot about it because of the cheese. It looked like fetta cheese but did not taste like it. Then we also ordered a prawn/ chicken rice thingy that reminds me of briyani60135-341616-thumbnail.jpg
.  As you can see, I don't frequent places like these much. I concluded that, in a nutshell, the whole world is quite a nutshell. Food are not quite unlike each other even though the countries are thousands of kilometres apart

60135-341624-thumbnail.jpgWe had a great time. Great laughs, great chats. This is probably the 1st time Teacher's Day have been celebrated like this for me. Hui Ann even took a longer lunch hour from work, citing to her manager she's going out lunch with her friends to celebrate Teacher's Day with her 60135-341628-thumbnail.jpgteacher. I only hope that this celebration was because I had deposited something in their life and they in turn, wish to deposit some into mine.

Thanks Girls!

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May 23, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ

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