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"Ini hari Rabu lah. Kak!"


Set my alarm clock the night before to ring at 8AM. Actually it was my phone alarm. My alarm clock does not ring anymore. Possibly because it needs new batteries and I have not replaced them.

The next morning the alarm rang to a cheery tune of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I did not feel so cheery though. Stayed up the night before to finish off Babylon 5 Season 2. In my opinion, B5 is really good. But that's another story. My head plonked back on the pillow again. 8.14AM, my eyes opened again, looked at the clock. Oh no!

Called Ani, my cleaning lady on the phone. "Ani, hari ini, saya lewat sikit"

"Ini hari Rabu lah. Kak!" 

Aiyah! I got my days all mixed up. I usually pick Ani up on Thursday mornings at 8AM. This is a classic case of body already awake but the brain is still asleep. If I had stopped for a moment to think and gather my thoughts, I would have remembered that I set the alarm for 8AM because I am meeting Sally at 9.15AM. Why would I set it for 8 when I have to pick Ani up at 8??????

I must play 'Brainage' on the DS more often. It's supposed to sharpen my brain.  

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