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Wookie at One

Isn't he gorgeous? I know, I know, being his mum, I tend to be bias. But I am sure even non-dog lovers will agree with me. This picture was taken on the morning of his birthday.




2 months
When  he came to live with us, he was just a tiny, scruffy little mutt. he could fit into the crook of David's arms. Those early months were a torture for all. Toilet-training took about 2 months and in those 2 months, I believe there was not a spot which he did not 'bless'.

Tiny Wookie
Most dogs I see hungrily eat their food. But we picked a picky one. Even as I type now, his lunch is lying there forlornly waiting to be eaten. What he does not eat, he seemed to make it up with playfulness. Playtime is ALL THE TIME.  


Then there were those months of skin problems, doctor's visits and stress to all of us. the vet said this to me, "not every owner will be as patient as you all"

"What do you mean?"

She shrugs her shoulders and left those words unsaid. But those thoughts have never crossed our minds. When we took him into our house, we made him part of the family. He's a Cheong. For a while, we thought perhaps we did get a 'lemon'. Lemon or no, he's our lemon and we love him.

Big Red Ball
Then how can a lemon be so gorgeous, right? Thank God his fur grows fast. Here he is, with all his lovely fur once more, in November. He was shaved in September. We bought him a big ball so it does not get stuck under the sofa but he still love his little green ball-ball.

He's the absolute King in the house. Our lives evolves around him. We have not taken a holiday since he came to live with us. David does not like the idea of sending him for boarding. (baby-sitter, anyone?)

Cheh2 & Wooks

Pictures here with all the most important people in his life. Me? behind the camera..........60135-330602-thumbnail.jpg
"you are a big boy now"
Kor2 & Wooks

Reader Comments (3)

ahhH!!!!!!! sooooooo cute! can i bite him?
May 4, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterpL
Man! He is pretty cute! :)
May 5, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterCindy cute!
May 5, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAng

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