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Post- Competition

It came and went, the competition, I mean. Days running up to it was intensely tensed. Nothing was going wrong. But of course, it was just the lull before the storm.

As I said, it came and went but left a bad after-taste in my mouth. Why? I am not sure, I can't exactly pin-point the reason but somehow, I am not happy with the way the weekend went. Things weren't going smoothly, communications were bad, too many people irritated me, I irritated too many people too, my temper was short (this one is definitely NOT good), people turning up late - contestants and helpers............... oh the list could go on.

Overheard by Ching Li, "why does she have to shout and boss people around?" Well, I could speak in a very gentle tone but that would mean nothing gets going. "why does she have to be so inflexible?" I tried being flexible, during the 2nd day rehearsal, and got walked all over.

If looks could kill, I would have been killed many times over. So would have been my girls. *muaks* to Wan Tze, June, Amanda, Swee Ling and Hui Ann for helping me police backstage. *xxx* to Poh Lynn, also June and Bee Hong for slapping ICI on our girls. I really could not have done anything without you gorgeous babes, and that's honest truth. We are a team. To demonstrate how efficient you girls are, the rehearsal schedules for the finalists were  put up even before the finalists were announced. Freaked me out, yup but as soon as I recovered my composure, I knew it was just enthusiasm and efficiency. Other people wants to borrow my babes? Nah, they can get their own.

How very true about the fact that nobody notices when things are going right but once things are going wrong, the ceiling falls on your head. Ah well, there were some who came up to me to thank me for working so hard for the competition. I suppose the nice things cancels out the not-so-nice. Yayayaya, I complain, I mutter. Ching Li said I do it and will probably continue to do it because I love it. And maybe I do. I enjoy watching the contestants improve year after year. I enjoy the challenge (the quest to perfect the system). But I am tired. I need a break.

How did my girls do? Pei Wun and Pei Jean got into finals. So did Cui Xin. Extremely happy for them. And Pei Jean got a consolation prize. Not bad for a new-comer. It gets harder each year. The standard gets higher. But I am tired. I DO need a break. Perhaps they will agree to a year's break. If not I'll just hand the baby over to somebody else to cradle. Yes, I think I will do that. 

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