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Ang's new babies

My friend, Ang, is the father of a couple of new babies, chinchillas.

Last week, "Sister Katy, can you come with me to Mid-Valley to have a look at some chinchillas. I want to buy."

Sure. Competition's over and there's tons of paperwork to sort out, but hey, there's always time to LOOK at some chinchillas.

When we got there, the chinchilla cages were covered with newspapers. 'Quarantined' Oh dear! Then we found out that over the week, there was an Indian festival nearby and the chinchillas were frightened by the noise. We looked and fell in love with them. They were so adorable.

Ang bought a male. He also bought a cage, food and the whole works to go with it. Then 2 days later........"Sister Katy, I want to buy a mate for my Peanut (that's his name)"

Sure. There's ALWAYS time to go look at chinchillas. So off to Mid-Valley again and we bought Butter. (Peanut Butter, geddit?)

Ang plunged into fatherhood, looking up on all web sites he can find on caring for chinchillas. And he came up with this. a custom-made dog cage converted to a chinchilla luxury playhouse. It looks just absolutely fantastic that I wish I am a chinchilla too. It has hidey holes, loft, perching balconies and even a 'sarong' swing.

We were chatting online yesterday. He told me all that he had been doing to improve the playhouse. Suddenly, "I HAVE TO GO! BUTTER ESCAPED!" Then he disappeared.

I did not hear from him till this morning, a frantic phone call then a message. Butter escaped AGAIN, last night. He looked for her for almost half an hour this morning. She literally took a tour of the whole house and ended upstairs. Yup, she went upstairs, a whole flight of steps. Truly amazing!

I went over after breakfast to visit and found her fast asleep in the cage. Ang," She's VERY tired"

"Sure lah, after touring the whole house", I replied.

The only reason Peanut is still safe in the cage was because he's too big. He's 6 months old, where else, Butter is only 3. When Ang looked all over the place downstairs and could not find her, he thought the worst, she has jumped out of the window and has made herself a very expensive meal for the neighbourhood cats.

Again, Happy Pa's Day, Ang

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Wah....That is a very cool blog for welcome my KITS man! Soon, they will be establish a Colony in they PENHOUSE!
June 22, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAng

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