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Pics from Competition 2006

At last, I sat myself down to do something with the pictures the girls took during the competition. Most of the pictures are in Flickr

My Gandalf
But here are a few. These are the girls of whom the competition will NOT run. Aren't they gorgeous. Do not let their demure, ultra friendly plus sweet faces deceive you. They help me run a pretty tight ship. A special mention should be of Wan Tze, my gatekeeper. Her polite but firm "Sorry, you can't pass" is as good as the one Gandalf said on the bridge of Khazad-dum. And trust me, NO ONE passes. Backstage crowd control was extremely difficult but thanks to Wanz, my life was made easier. 

Then there were the others who made sure the contestants were ready and waiting at the wings and my make-up artists. They wake up at the crack of dawn to go to Matic with me. They helped create a buffer zone between me and people who constantly attempts to irritate me. 60135-381120-thumbnail.jpg
Katy's Angels
Definitely too many pictures................go to Flickr.........

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