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Doulos Visited...............Not!

We have been planning this event for 2 weeks. A family day trip to Port Klang to go on board the MV Doulos. Alison was supposed to go for a scheduled visit with the ISCA group from church but the trip was cancelled. So we decided we'll take her instead.

Right after church service, we headed for Klang, planning to stop at Teluk Gong for seafood lunch, which by the way was scrumptious. We then looked for Westport. But we got to the wrong Westport, ya like there are so many wests!!!

When we got to the 'real' place we had to park really far away. (Not a good sign) We walked toward the entrance and found a VERY long queue! But we made an hour-long trip just to get there, right? So we queued up. For 1 and half hours we queued up! When we finally got to the entrance, had our bags scanned (in case we are carrying bombs or something, I guess) we walked onto a pier. On the pier, there was yet another LOOONG queue!

By that time, it was already 4.45PM. I am supposed to have my 1st Christmas rehearsal at 8PM. So, if we queue for yet another half an hour, possibly the quickest time, we would not have enough time to spend on the Doulos, get dinner and get back on time for rehearsal!

What a bummer! We did manage to set our eyes on the ship, though. Therefore, Ali and I will make another trip on Tuesday (I promised her) I hope the visit will be more pleasant and the queue shorter. 

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