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Wookie is still as ADORABLE!

Jon accused me of neglecting to post about Wookie. No true, NOT true. He's been mentioned all over the show in various different postings. But he's still my favourite blog subject.60135-381173-thumbnail.jpg

Wookie the Vegetarian He loves to sit right by me when I cook, especially when I am cutting up vegetables and fruits. He loves guava, lettuce, apples, just about anything. He even ate bittergourd the other day. But half an hour later, he vomitted so I shall not give that to him again.

 Wookie and his friends Anybody remembers the midnight patrol or something like that in 101 Dalmations. The scene where the dogs were barking and whooing to each other, trying the find the puppies? Wookie and the neighbourhood dogs sometimes do that, talk I mean. One of them will bark, bark, bark and another reply. One night, Shy-Shy, the puppy from 2 doors away 'talked' to Wookie. I don't understand barks but whatever it was, it disturbed Wookie. He did not answer Shy-Shy but immediately after that, he came over and snuggled up right close to me.

Wookie and the RAT! Yup, he is sharing space with a rat. There's this irritating little rat running around in the house. And it ate Wookie's cookie treats! Obviously, the word 'personal space' don't mean a thing to Wookie.  

Wookie and the newspapers Nope, Wookie does not read the papers. Who needs to read about bad news, bad news and more bad news? He's extremely fussy about the condition of the papers laid out for his pooing and peeing. He needs fresh papers to 'do it' on. And he does not like crumpled papers. Perhaps we shall now need butler services to iron the papers for him? 

Wookie and his email account Ju mentioned that everyman and his dog has a Gmail account now. I told him it's not true, Wookie does NOT have one. "Perhaps you should get him one"

And I did................. You can all now email Wookie. I promise to read all his mails to him!

Now some of you might think that I am always using the same picture of him for all posting but that's not the case. It's just that he's gotten into that little doggy brain of his that picture taking warrants such a pose. Everytime anybody holds up a camera or a handphone, he get into his Wookie and Picture-taking pose. 

Yup, he's still very much a huge chunk of our lives. We have not taken a holiday since he came to live with us. I am beginning to wonder if we ever will. 


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