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Being Neighbourly......or Not

I have been living in this neighbourhood for 15 years. We moved here from PJ on Feb 1st,1991. I remembered when we moved in, our house seemed so spacious (the lack of furniture was the reason) Since then, we have had 2 renovations, the last one a mega major one. It did not start off to be a huge project but when the contractors started hacking walls and windows, more and more termite activites were discovered and hence we had to do something about it. Now, with a slightly enlarged house, more furniture has been added in.  I am beginning to yearn for 'spaciousness' again. Maybe I'll throw some furniture away.

In the 15 years we've been living here, the neighbourhood has not changed much. A few have sold their houses and moved away but there are few of us who was here 'right from the beginning. For most of the time, we keep very much to ourselves. All of us are working folks, with different time schedules. In the early years, when we did not know each other's names, Andrew and I used to give nicknames to our neighbours. "Marbleman" for our neighbour on the right because he took out all the parquet upstairs and put in marble flooring. He has since sold the house and moved away. Now a couple with 2 children lives here. They provide private tuition for schoolkids. One hardly hears anything from them because they have the whole house fully airconditioned. But about a week ago, at 2AM there was this 'eeeeeeeeeee' sound coming from the house, the sound of drilling. Then 'tok!tok!tok!' This went on till past 4AM! Must have been putting up some shelves. Wish that could have been done in the day. The 'eeeing' and the 'tokking' came directly on the opposite side of the wall where my bed is.

Then, there's "Berlin wall" on our left. He was a DIY person and he erected a very ugly wall at the back. In the same year the real Berlin Wall came down. He has also moved away.  

"Dog man" lived 2 doors away from me. he sold his house recently. The new owner, a lady lived there for about 2 months and suddenly she 'diasppeared'. Her car is still parked in the porch. The light still left on. Nobody knows what happened to her because we hardly have time to get to know her. The other day, Andrew had to climb over the gate to switch off a tap that was leaking.

"Goldfish man" lives 3 doors away and they have been here since the beginning. "Indian man', too have been here for just as long. Of course, we have the "Two sisters" and "Mustachios"  

It's a pretty nice neighbourhood to live in. It's very quiet at night. I think I'll probably live out my old age here. Mmmmm, I wonder what nicknames our neighbours gave us. 


Reader Comments (3)

U sure the lady that 'disappeared' isn't rotting away somewhere in the closet in the house?
Saw it in CSI before hahahaha!
July 7, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJi Jian
Too much drama..

I guess yours would be the doggie house..?
July 9, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterpohlynn
*giggles* I know most of my neighbours by name! :P
July 9, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterCindy

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